Observations & Specimens

interest group
Image by Chris Lawton


Quentin Groom Meise Botanic Garden, Belgium

Former Convenor Steve Kelling
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cornell University
158 Sapsucker Woods Rd.
Ithaca NY 14850, USA


Most primary biodiversity data is based on observational data, which consists of observer-derived measurements of organisms in the environment, or specimens collected in the environment and stored within Natural History collections. There is sufficient overlap in the information stored in observational data and specimen records to allow existing data standards to integrate these data types. However, specific data types have unique requirements that need to be addressed. The purpose of this Interest Group is to explore concepts and methods of biodiversity data description, integration and transfer that fully integrate specimen and observational data into existing data exchange schemas.

Becoming involved

  • Anyone with and interest in organizing observational and specimen data can be involved.
  • Contact Quentin Groom (quentin.groom@plantentuinmeise.be)