Roles and Responsibilities

Positions on the Executive Committee are set forth in the TDWG Constitution. The responsibilities of each position are described below and on the linked pages, where appropriate.

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The offices and responsibilities of each office holder are set forth in the TDWG Constitution. The relevant text from that document is presented below in italics. Other significant responsibilities accepted and performed by the office holder in current practice are elaborated under each role.


Presides at meetings of TDWG and at meetings of the Executive Committee; convenes Executive Committee meetings; is entitled to sign jointly with one other officer on behalf of TDWG; enacts such functions as are assigned by the Executive Committee represents TDWG at external meetings; delegates on an ad-hoc basis the above responsibilities to other Executive Committee members.

  • Is ultimately responsible for leading TDWG through the Executive Committee;
  • Seeks feedback and advice from the Executive Committee and group Conveners on status, activities, goals and priorities;
  • Provides a written annual update to members on TDWG’s status, activities, priorities and vision for the year ahead;
  • Delivers opening and closing presentations at the annual conference;
  • Notifies the Secretary prior to any significant period of unavailability.

Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chair enjoys full voting rights in the Executive Committee, stands in for the Chair as necessary.

  • Assists with tasks of the Secretary and the Journal Editor.


The Secretary operates the secretariat; keeps, distributes, and publishes minutes of meetings; sends notices of the annual meeting to the membership and notices of meetings of the Executive Committee to its members; distributes proposals and organizes votes; conducts the general elections; authenticates, tallies, and publishes voting results.

  • Is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Executive Committee, Secretarial Assistant and for the daily business of TDWG
  • Organizes and distributes meeting agendas, takes meeting minutes and provides meeting reports to members within 30 days of the meeting.
  • Assembles an Organizing Committee for the annual conference
  • Serves as the formal channel of communication between the Executive Committee and Interest and Task Group Conveners;
  • Acts as a proxy for the Chair during any significant period of unavailability.


The Treasurer is entitled to sign jointly with one other officer on behalf of TDWG maintains the membership list, reports finances annually to the membership; collects membership dues; arranges audits; administers the assets of TDWG in conformance with instructions from the Executive Committee.

Works with the Secretariat to:

  • Maintain up-to-date information about membership on the TDWG web site;
  • Provide members with notification of membership status and renewals;
  • Provide an updated budget to the Executive Committee for the coming calendar year;
  • fulfills the reporting requirements of a non-profit organization in all the jurisdictions where TDWG has legal status (e.g., with federal, state, and local governments)
  • Provides recommendations to the Executive Committee and subsequently to the membership for any change in the level of membership fees.

Subcommittee chairs

The responsibilities of subcommittee chairs are described in these linked pages

Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives have the responsibility to represent the interests of TDWG members on the Executive Committee; and to represent TDWG in appropriate meetings and other activities.

  • Are responsible for promoting TDWG in their region and for representing regional interests within TDWG;
  • Act as the regional point of contact for TDWG;
  • Post regional news items to the web site and inform regional members of issues of interest;
  • Represent regional interests in the running of the annual conference
  • Actively promote TDWG membership within the region (with assistance from the Outreach volunteers of the Secretariat)
  • Provide editorial assistance to TDWG publications as required