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Outreach and communications

functional subcommittee


This year (2016) TDWG aims to recast the organization of TDWG and its activities with a number of functional sub-committees focused on different aspects of the of TDWG activities and encourage more involvement of domain experts in the workings of TDWG. Towards this end a functional sub-committee will be dedicated to outreach and communication with an elected chair of the sub-committee. The chair will be a member of the executive committee of TDWG and report on the activities of outreach and communication.



Promote TDWG activities and recruit members around the world. Craft and share meaningful stories about TDWG standards and their application. Develop materials that can be used by all TDWG members


OAC responsibilities will focus on the effective outreach and communication of the TDWG vision and mission.

The charter of activities of the OAC sub-committee on behalf of TDWG would be the following:

  • Commission and solicit outreach and communication material on TDWG and its activities.
  • Maintain a page on the TDWG site for all outreach and communication material under open access and CC0 licenses.
  • Provide information and links to standards in use and standards in development for biodiversity information
  • Encourage regional representatives and members of TDWG to run programs to expose TDWG activities and report them to the executive committee.



The charter may be revised as and when necessary by the OAC and changes submitted for the approval of the Executive Committee of TDWG.


The chair shall be elected by the TDWG membership.

The Executive Committee Chair in consultation with the OAC Chair is responsible for appointing sub-committee members and a vice-chair.

OAC should be between 5 and 7 members, ideally with representation from different regions and with different expertise, with specific orientation for outreach and communication of the activities of TDWG.

Meetings, documentation and reporting

The OAC reports to the TDWG executive.

The OAC will formally convene at least twice each year. A quorum will be a majority of members of the OAC committee. Meetings will be conducted using Internet technologies and Members may participate on-line. Agenda for formal meetings will be prepared by the Chair and distributed to members at least 14 days in advance.

Agenda and minutes for all meetings and all requests, decisions and responses will be posted to an appropriate repository.