TDWG Webinar 15 June 2023

Making your presentations work

Image by Jakob Creutz

Your Slides, Your Story, Your Attitude: Make your presentations work

Presented by: José Alonso, Deborah Paul, & Mareike Petersen

Presentations are a key element in sharing your knowledge with others. The plotting of your narrative and how it is presented can make or break the relationship with your audience. In this one hour seminar session of TDWG’s Functional Subcommittee on Outreach and Communication, we pass along some tips for making your presentations more engaging and provide a space to exchange sources on how to enhance personal skills to convey your message.

Originally presented 15 June 4:30 PM CEST / 2:30 PM UTC

Did you miss the live presentation? It is now available on TDWG’s YouTube channel

It’s not too early to think about your presentation for TDWG 2023!