Webinar: How community standards develop and evolve


16 September 2021

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Steve Baskauf and Stan Blum


TDWGs core function is the development and maintenance of biodiversity information standards, usually carried out in Interest and Task Groups. The process of how these groups are established and how standards are reviewed and ratified is given in the TDWG Process (also known as By-laws; 2006). The most recent enhancement to these processes is the Vocabulary Maintenance Standard (2017), which creates more efficient pathways for making incremental changes to TDWG vocabularies. In TDWG’s third webinar we will explain standards development and maintenance, including how Task Groups get organized to make changes, with particular emphasis on the essential role of and opportunities for users to make these standards more effective as vehicles for sharing biodiversity information. We will use the latest Darwin Core public review and other current examples to better understand this theoretical process, follow its implementation and thus encourage the whole community to contribute.


Mareike Petersen (13:00 UTC) / Paula Zermoglio (23:00 UTC)


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