Excursions offered as part of SPNHC & TDWG Joint Conference

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Last modified: 2024-07-08

Registration deadline : August 2nd 17:00 (JST)

Tour date options: September 1st (Sun) or 7th (Sat)

Excursion costs

All excursions, excluding the day trip to the Kerama Islands and the Yanbaru nature tours, are funded by the generosity of the Japanese Government’s Japan Tourism Agency (a.k.a., Tourism Agency, MInistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism). Thus, all excursions (excluding Kerama and Yanbaru), unless stated otherwise, are free of charge.

Thank you Japan Tourism Agency!

Japan Tourism Agency

Participants will not be required to provide payment for these tours (excluding Kerama and Yanbaru) unless cancellation occurs fewer than eight (8) days before the day of the tour (see cancellation policy below).


Special rules and instructions

  • You may register for a TOTAL OF ONE (1) free Japan Tourism Agency excursion schedule for either Sunday, September 1st or on Saturday, September 7th. In addition to this tour you may also register for paid excursions to the Kerama Islands and/or Yanbaru as long as there is no scheduling conflict. We have a limited number of seats available, so we need to give others an opportunity to register, too.
  • If you are traveling with a partner, spouse or family member, you can register them for a tour at the same time, including Kerama and Yanbaru tours.

Where to register


Yanbaru Nature Tours Booking

We do not have any special instructions for registration with Yanbaru Nature Tours. The web site is clear and self-explanatory. These are very special, limited capacity tours led by local biodiversity experts (emphasis on birds and herps). If you have any questions about the tours, payments or schedules, please contact ACORN Okinawa directly. Neither SPNHC nor TDWG is responsible for the planning of these tours. There are no discounts or other benefits offered by SPNHC-TDWG for these tours.


Japan Tourism Agency Excursions Booking

Excursion descriptions (PDF) (JTA excursions) - Each bus tour can accommodate a limited number of participants, so we recommend booking as early as you can!

If you choose to register for a JTA excursion, please be aware of the following:

  • You will need to register on the booking site before you can see any of the excursion details. Click the green “NEW USER” button in the upper left.
  • When you register you will be required to provide a Credit Card number. Although all excursions (not including Kerama) are free of charge, you will be billed a penalty if you do not show up for your booking. Please see the cancellation policy on the excursion registration site for more information.
  • Also when registering, you will need to provide your Oxford Abstracts order number from your registration for the SPNHC-TDWG meeting. You should have received an email with Subject: “You’re registered for SPNHC-TDWG 2024!” in which there will be an order number (e.g., #0109) at the top of that email message (you can also find your number if you log in to Oxford Abstracts). When you register through the excursion site, you will be asked for a “registration order number” – please enter your Oxford Abstracts order number. You may contact us via okinawa2024@spnhc.org if you cannot find your number.

To ensure fair use amongst participants, each traveler is eligible to book only one excursion bus tour, unless stated otherwise. If we discover that two or more Excursion Bus Tours are booked under your name against the Terms and Conditions, we will contact you directly to cancel the booked tour(s). (See Terms and Conditions.)

If you have any questions about JTA tours, payments or schedules, please contact the tour provider, Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., LTD., directly using the contact provided in your confirmation email. To cancel please log in to the excursion registration site. Neither SPNHC nor TDWG is responsible for the planning of these tours. There are no discounts or other benefits offered by SPNHC-TDWG for these tours.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee schedule

All relevant dates hereinunder are indicated in reference to local time in Japan (JST). Cancellation of participation must be requested in writing and is effective from the date we receive and confirm the written notification. Cancellations may be made up to eight days prior to the excursion date at no charge; thereinafter, a cancellation fee will be incurred at a maximum of 10,000 JPY at the following rates:

  • 8 or more days’ notice prior to excursion date: No charge;
  • 7 to 2 days’ notice prior to excursion date: 30% charge;
  • 1 day’s notice prior to excursion date: 50% charge; and
  • Notice received on or past the day of excursion date (“no-show”): 100% charge.

Cancellation charges

In accordance with the cancellation fee schedule asindicated above, the organizer will issue a written notification to the traveler stating the amount to be charged with material expense details. Upon mutual confirmation, the organizer will charge the aforementioned amount to the credit card detail on file provided at the time of booking, and the traveler agrees to not make any improper chargebacks.

Disclaimer of responsibility

Please be aware that neither the JAPAN TOURISM AGENCY, NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY OKINAWA CO., LTD., CERULEAN BLUE OKINAWA, nor ACORN OKINAWA is affiliated with SPNHC or TDWG. SPNHC and TDWG do not receive any financial or other benefit from SPNHC-TDWG 2024 registrants participating in any tour or excursion offered. If you register for any JTA excursions or Yanbaru Nature Tours, SPNHC and TDWG are in no way responsible for you, your property or the excursions, including fee payments, scheduling, facilities, transportation, and damage or harm of any kind. All responsibility lies with the Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd., Cerulean Blue OKINAWA, ACORN Okinawa or the individual participant. Please see Item #7 Limitation of Liability in the Terms and Conditions document.

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