Registration for SPNHC & TDWG Joint Conference - A hybrid conference in Okinawa, Japan, 2-6 September 2024

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Last modified: 09 July 2024

SPNHC TDWG 2024 registration

We are pleased to announce that registration for the SPNHC-TDWG 2024 Joint Meeting in Okinawa, Japan, is now open.

Before you register, please be aware of the IMPORTANT requirements around registration described below.

Register for SPNHC TDWG 2024!

IMPORTANT for registration

  • If you are the organizer of a session or the designated presenter of an abstract at this year’s meeting, you MUST register using the same email address used for your session or on the abstract submission. This is how your registration will be linked to your abstract. (See details and remedies in the FAQ.)

  • With your registration you agree to adhere to the TDWG 2024 Code of Conduct during your participation in conference sessions, workshops, panels, field trips, social events, or all other activities related to the SPNHC-TDWG 2024 Conference.

  • It is your responsibility to obtain a visa to travel to Japan if it is required for entry from your country of citizenship or residence. Before you request supporting documents (e.g., letter of invitation) from SPNHC-TDWG’s local committee you must register and pay in full (see cancellation policy). To request a letter of invitation, see the required information and instructions here.

  • Member discounts: Members in either SPNHC or TDWG can obtain their usual discount by selecting the appropriate ticket type. We are not using codes this year to validate membership status. Validation will be done manually after registration. If you are unsure of your membership status, please inquire with the appropriate membership manager in SPNHC or TDWG. TDWG institutional members please note, the usual limit of 5 discounted registrations per membership still applies. If you are sending more than 5 delegates, please coordinate which staff will take the institution’s discounts, so the limit is not exceeded. Also, please be aware that member discounts are not available for virtual participants. The costs of equipment and staffing required to produce the conference virtually are among the largest expenses in the budget, and the tickets for virtual participants are already significantly reduced.

Registration add-ons

Registration for our Bingo Night (this year’s version of the trivia night) and sales of our conference T-shirt are not yet included in registration while we finalize our logistics. As soon as they are ready we will announce that you can reserve a space or buy a shirt.

Excursion and tour updates

Registration for excursions is separate from meeting registration. When the excursion sign ups are available, we will send a separate announcement.

Most excursions will be scheduled for Sunday (Sept 1) prior to the start of the meeting and Saturday (Sept 7), so please plan accordingly. An additional excursion (yes, it’s a secret for now) will be available on Aug 31/Sept 1 and on Sept 7/8.

Please see the meeting website for more information about the meeting, travel and accommodations. If you experience any difficulty with registration, please visit our registration FAQ.

If you have any questions, please email the Planning Committee at