Community management

Responsibilities of Conveners:

  1. Work with other potential stakeholders to draft the Interest or Task Group Charter and submit it for review by the Executive Committee.
    1. The charter must be clear and concise; this information will be public and therefore seen by potential members.
    2. Charters should be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.
    3. Template for Interest or Task Group charter.
  2. Understand and use the online resources provided for group support.
    1. Ensure your home page reflects the activities and aspirations of the group.
    2. Reference a few concise articles, presentations or tutorials.
  3. Ensure that the formation of the new group is announced. The Secretary should notify all members by email, a news item should be posted to the web site by the Convener and relevant mailing lists.
  4. Manage the group’s activities:
    1. Appointing members to specific roles to assist management and outcomes;
    2. Scheduling meetings, emails, conference calls;
    3. Securing funds to support the group’s activities;
  5. Gain consensus in group activities.
    1. TDWG standards are developed by consensus (URL), so ensure you develop skills to foster consensus.
    2. Task Group Conveners should seek advice from the TAG to ensure that strategies are consistent with TDWG’s overall approach to interoperability.
  6. Prepare annual report and brief presentations for the annual conference
    1. An annual report is required from every Interest and Task Group. A guide and template (as GoogleDoc or Markdown) for reports are available.
    2. A PowerPoint template is provided for Interest and Task Group Conveners to provide a 5-minute report on the year’s activities.
    3. A PowerPoint template is provided for Interest Group and Task Conveners to provide a 5-minute report on issues for the year ahead.
  7. The TDWG Standards Process
    1. When a draft standard is ready for submission, the Task Group Convener submits the standard to the Executive Committee via the Secretary.
    2. The convener is responsible for managing responses in the review process.
  8. Interest Group Conveners are responsible for maintaining any standard produced by its Task Groups. This includes:
    1. Assessing the level of use (a standard without users must be deprecated).
    2. Collating feedback and responding effectively when changes are required.
  9. Upload archival material to the relevant site for the group’s activities.
    1. Documents and presentations should be archived as a permanent record of the group’s deliberations and progress.