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What to know when you present at TDWG 2023.

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Last updated 12 September 2023


TDWG 2023 will be our second hybrid conference and again will have remote (virtual) participants from all over the world. The hours of the conference will correspond to those of the hosts in Hobart, Tasmania (9am–6:30pm, AEDT, UTC+11) from 9–13 October at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre.

  • All presenters must be registered for the conference.
  • At least one organizer for each symposium, workshop or other format must be registered for the conference
  • There will be three parallel sessions each day (except Wednesday), with sessions ranging from 60 to 120 minutes with 30-120 minute breaks between sessions.
  • Speakers should arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of a session’s start for a technical check.
  • Remote speakers may decide to present live, but they must pre-record their presentations so that a back-up is in place in case of technical failure or timezone difficulties.
  • Pre-recorded presentations should be uploaded by 1 October.
  • All speakers who are undergraduate or postgraduate students will automatically be entered into the student competition.


While the language of the conference is English, we again are experimenting with allowing speakers to present in a language other than English IF the presentation is pre-recorded and includes English subtitles and slide content. Please email if you intend to do this.


  • Session co-organizers, if you have questions about the organization of your session or your contribution to it.
  •, if you need to change your registration type or have special needs at the conference, which were not already listed when you registered., if you need to change the presenter of your session, or have an issue with your abstract.

Resources for presenters and moderators

Note that the above documents will not include links for uploading presentations. These will be provided in a separate email to those requiring the links.

Contributed oral presentations

Contributed oral presentations are 10 minutes to present + 3 min. for questions + 2 min. to change presenters (total 15 min/presentation). There will be a mixture of in-person presentations, streamed virtual presentations in real time, as well as pre-recorded presentations. If possible, virtual presenters will be present during their session to answer questions during the conference and/or on the TDWG 2023 conference chat (details of this to be released).

Each presentation features an abstract published in Biodiversity Information Science and Standards, as TDWG Proceedings 2023.

Symposia and Demo session

Symposia generally use the same 15 minute format as Contributed Oral presentations (10 min talks + 3 min for questions + 2 min transition to next speaker). Symposia may include time set aside for an introduction and a discussion. As with Contributed Oral presentations, the hybrid conference will feature in-person talks, talks in real time from virtual participants, and pre-recorded talks by virtual participants. Virtual participants should make every effort to be a part of the live symposium to answer questions and participate in any discussion, however all presenters will have the opportunity to answer questions or join a discussion in the chat.

Each presentation features a published abstract found here. The list of symposium organizers and descriptions are here.


The workshops will include introductions setting the stage for the participants. These will be recorded, but any breakout parts of the working sessions may not. Organizers may arrange to submit an abstract summarizing outcomes (post-conference), or to submit a longer, post-conference article (cost of longer article not included as part of registration) to the TDWG 2023 Proceedings.


An Unconference session will be held on the final day of the conference. Organizers of the Unconference will provide further details about participation closer to the day.

Virtual posters

Each poster features a published abstract. While there will be a time reserved on Friday morning for poster presenters to interact with other attendees, posters will be available for viewing, comments, and questions throughout the conference. They should be uploaded to the proper folder (link will be emailed separately; see also Instructions for poster presenters) by 1 October.

Posters should be uploaded as PDF files. Presenters may also provide a short video (< 3 min) about their posters. See also Instructions for posters.

Note: There is no space or provisions for physical posters at the venue.

Student competition

All presenters registered as students (undergraduate and post-graduate) will be automatically entered into a competition for best student presentations made at TDWG. Students’ oral contributions will be evaluated based on several criteria, namely Context, Originality and Approach, Completeness, Depth of Knowledge and Performance. Presentations will be scored by at least two independent judges and scores will be tallied following the final presentation. The presentation with the highest overall score will be the winner, announced at the Conference Closing Session (13 October 2023). See also Instructions for speakers. If you do not wish to be entered into the competition, please email

Four keynote speakers will present talks in plenary during the conference. Their abstracts are published here.