Posters for TDWG 2020

Posters prepared for our virtual conference, TDWG 2020



Posters prepared for TDWG 2020 are listed below. Abstracts for posters can be found in the poster collection of our Proceedings this year. In normal TDWG conferences, we place posters up around the venue and encourage authors to stand by their posters during a social hour or two. With a virtual conference we are going to convene a few social hours and encourage poster authors to be available in a "break out room" off of the main social hour "meeting". (More detailed instructions to come.) Unfortunately, time zones will mean that most authors won't be able to participate in all social hours. In the list below, we hope to indicate which social hour(s) each author plan to attend so participants can have a chance to discuss the author's work. Some authors have also provided additional contact information below (e.g. twitter or other websites).

ps_59170_yoder Title: What Can You Do with a TaxonWorks API?
Author(s): Matthew Yoder, Hernán Pereira, José Luis Pereira, Dmitry Dmitriev, Geoffrey Ower, James Flood
Contact: mjyoder AT gmail DOT com
TaxonWorks chat channel (to find chat channel link)
ps_59055_hyam Title: Herbaria Mundi: An image centric approach to manipulation of specimens from multiple collections
Author(s): Roger Hyam
Abstract | Video
ps_59228_salim Title: A Google Sheet Add-on for Biodiversity Data Standardization and Sharing
Author(s): José Augusto Salim, Antonio Saraiva
Abstract | Video
ps_59106_kerner Title: Virtual Systematics with Annotate: The Mexican archaeocyaths example
Author(s): Lucile-Morgane Hays, Adeline Kerner
Contact: kerner AT mnhm DOT fr
Social Hours: 1 and 2
ps_59065_nakazato Title: Survey of Species Covered by DNA Barcoding Data in BOLD and GenBank for Integration of Data for Museomics
Author(s): Takeru Nakazato
Abstract | Video
Contact: nakazato AT DOT jp
Twitter: @tkr_nak
ps_59041_dimitrova Title: Streamlined Conversion of Omics Metadata into Manuscript Facilitates Publishing and Reuse of Omics Data
Author(s): Mariya Dimitrova, Raïssa Meyer, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Teodor Georgiev, Georgi Zhelezov, Seyhan Demirov, Vincent Smith, Lyubomir Penev