Basic Standards Recommendations

The most widely deployed formats for biodiversity occurrence data are Darwin Core (wiki) and ABCD (wiki).

The TDWG community's priority is the deployment of Life Science Identifiers (LSID), the preferred Globally Unique Identifier technology and transitioning to RDF encoded metadata as defined by a set of simple vocabularies. All new projects should address the need for tagging their data with LSIDs and consider the use or development of appropriate vocabularies.

TDWG's activities within the biodiversity informatics domain can be found in the Activities section of this website.

TDWG 2015 Annual Conference

Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) held its 2015 annual conference 28 September to 1 October 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.  This was TDWG’s first conference in Africa!  The theme of the conference was Applications, Standards and Capacity Building for Sustaining Global Biodiversity.  Subprograms included: Digitization, Semantic Technologies, Phyloinformatics, Outreach and Collaboration, ePublications, Trait Data, and Conservation informatics. A  5-day capacity building workshop for African participants at the conference was organized, focussing primarily on biodiversity collection digitization, biodiversity databases, data cleaning, and georeferencing. The workshop dates were 21-25 September 2015 (the week before the TDWG conference).

TDWG2016 will be in Costa Rica in early December: save the dates!

Please become a member. TDWG needs everyone with a strong interest in biodiversity information to participate in developing effective standards for sharing that information. We need IT professionals, taxonomists, ecologists, geoscientists, and librarians. We need members from institutions and agencies that do or could use our standards to make their data more usable. Your participation ensures that what we develop will save you time and money.

There are three ways to join TDWG-

Institutional members are entitled to up to five discounted registrations at the annual conference. Please visit the Membership page for more details.

Latest News

Results TDWG 2016 Executive Committee


It is our pleasure to announce the results of the TDWG 2016 Executive Committee :  Congratulations to the newly elected Officers and our thanks to all the candidates for their interest....[more]

Conference Survey Posted


A PDF summary of the TDWG 2015 Post-Meeting Survey is now available for download. The survey represents both people attending TDWG 2015 and those who did not. We thank the 158 participants for their input.[more]

List of Nominations for TDWG 2016 Executive Committee available


Dear all Stay tuned for the opening of the 2016 Executive Committee elections. We provide here under the table with the shortlist of Nominations for the different positions. The ballots will open soon and you will also have...[more]

TDWG 2015 Presentations online !


Thanks to the dedicated support of iDigBio and devotion of Kevin Love, we are happy to announce that the presentations recorded at the TDWG 2015 are online and can be consulted at :...[more]

CETAF/EU BON informatics workshops


Within the framework of the EU BON project we are organizing the 2nd EU BON training on data sharing tools which will take place side by side to CETAF/EU BON informatics workshops (see full program and logistic details here). The...[more]

European Conference Standards: your Innovation bridge


The 30th of October 2014 this European conference will bring together the research, innovation and standardization communities to explore and discuss the role of standards in research and innovation.Location: Brussels,...[more]

Results of the TDWG Executive Committee Elections for the 2014 term


The elections took place during the TDWG conference in Florence and were announced at the business meeting on Wednesday 30th of October 2013. On behalf of the current Executive Committee we would like to congratulate all the...[more]


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