SPNHC-TDWG 2024 DRAFT Schedule

Version date: 17 July 2024

Image by Hiroko Yoshii

DRAFT schedule of sessions

We are pleased to share with you a more detailed version of our conference schedule, in which sessions have been given explicit dates and times. Please note that all times in this schedule are subject to change, though we do not anticipate any major revisions.

The order of presentations within sessions is (in part) the responsibility of session organizer(s). We are doing our best to avoid conflicts, where a presenter or coauthor has two presentations at the same time.

Session Organizers please note, sessions have been expanded or contracted to accommodate the number of submissions received, which might be more or less than the length requested.

We expect detailed scheduling to be completed by mid July and will notify participants by email and by publishing the program schedule on the conference website and the conference platform (Oxford Abstracts).

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