TDWG 2006 - Estimated Costs


The Registration fee has been set at 150 $US for current TDWG Members in good standing (with the usual limit of 3 delegates per Institutional Member) and 200 $US for non-Members. There will be a penalty of 50 $US for late registrations after 14 September.

Accommodation (Recommended Hotel)

Details of how to book the Recommended Hotel on-line or by telephone are on the Accommodation Page. The cost of a single or double room in the Recommended Hotel will be 149 $US + tax (currently 14.9%).

Evening Meals

Good quality restaurants, with a wide price range, are available within walking distance of the recommended hotel. Inexpensive food is available in local supermarkets.

Other costs

TDWG 2005 Banquet (Riverboat on the Mississippi River) 55 $US (plus small Metro ticket cost from the recommended hotel)  Advance booking only (full details will be posted nearer the date)
Evening Reception "Bring a bottle and some food representing your country" (subsidised by sponsorship)  
Lunch (daily, except Wednesday 18 and Sunday 22 October) Included in Registration Fee  
Transport between the recommended hotels and the MBG venue Included in Registration Fee  
Transport between St. Louis airport (STL) and the recommended hotels 20 $US each way (estimate) for a taxi. Alternatively, take the Metro (3.25 $US each way). It is possible that we may be able to organise subsidised private bus transport to meet some popular incoming flights  
Organised cultural excursion
Tours of the Missouri Botanical Garden will be free (small charge for Tour bus).
Tour of St. Louis downtown (including the Arch) - see the Excursions Page.
Excursions to the Garden's nature reserve and Butterfly House may be offered, at transport cost, if there is sufficient interest.
Advance booking only (full details will be posted nearer the date)



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