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What's Happening in TDWG?

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By: Lee Belbin

I thought it was about time to publicise what has been happening lately in TDWG...

  • The Programme Committee, the Local Organizing Committee, and with a little help from Donald, Stan and I are organizing TDWG 2009. The 3-days of workshops across the three themes is proving tricky with more requests to present in plenary than we can handle. See www.tdwg.org for the latest. The TDWG 2009 web site should be live late May or early June.
  • After reading sundry posts to the tag list, Piers Higgs had the idea that we should have a beginner's page on the TDWG site. Why none of the rest of us thought of this earlier is a mystery. Anyway, I have created the Getting Started page on the TDWG site. I’m keen to hear any feedback and very happy to hear about any good (simple) introductory material.
  • I'll be manning a TDWG booth at eBiosphere. Boothing is a first for me! Could be fun to see what cross section attends the meeting and if we can recruit a new set of members (which we really need to do!). If you are there, please drop in (with a stiff coffee please!). There will be a number of presentations from TDWG members and significant involvement with the eBiosphere Roadmap on the last two days of the meeting. BTW: The eBiosphere Roadmap is one of the three themes for TDWG 2009 in Montpellier.
  • As some would know, I've been trying to get something moving on the TDWG ontology. TDWG really must move this forward urgently! Some useful discussion has happened on the tag list. To engage those non-techies who may be domain experts, we are desperate for one of more simple tools that will facilitate viewing, building, commenting, documenting etc the ontology and vocabularies. If only the experts can play, we will not end up with an effective ontology. There will be a meeting at eBiosphere (out of hours) with Donald, Eamonn, Roger, Karen Stocks and a few others on how we can advance the ontology (TDWG priority 1). I hear that Greg and Garry may be working on a Wiki-based tool? Roger has just given a (remote) presentation about the TDWG ontology.
  • Darwin Core independent reviews are complete and John Wieczorek has spent a lot of time updating the proposed standard. Gail Kampmeier (Review Manager) has gone over this and added a few issues and sent it back to John. Hopefully public review is not far away! 
  • Piers Higgs (RM) is waiting on the final independent review of TAPIR.
  • Ben Richardson (RM) has sent the independent reviews of the LSID Applicability Statement to Kevin Richards to process.
  • We are waiting on responses from the NCD group from the public review.

That will do for now. Please let me know of any other news, or post it here yourself.


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