19-Jul-2009 22:02 Age: 9 yrs

TDWG on Twitter!

By: Lee Belbin

TDWG is now using a range of different social networking tools, including Twitter.

You can follow the official TDWG account (tdwg) by going to http://twitter.com/tdwg and choose 'Follow' if you have a Twitter account.  Alternatively, you can see who is talking about TDWG by searching for #tdwg (or go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23tdwg).

There is already an active group of TDWG members and friends using Twitter, who are tweeting about a variety of TDWG standards and projects. So join Twitter and follow what is really happening in and about TDWG!

Lee Belbin has also setup a TDWG group on LinkedIn (a more work-oriented network than Facebook). This informal group currently has 57 members and is used for discussion, seeking feedback and ideas. Please join in. 

  Last Modified: 04 June 2017