20-Apr-2009 01:55 Age: 9 yrs

TDWG Motto - Part the Second

By: Lee Belbin

Thanks to all who offered a range of inspired suggestions for the TDWG motto (http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/Executive/TdwgMotto). All the ideas were appreciated and informative! It will be valuable to take a regular look at these 'mottos' and see how TDWG is operating. BTW: This update request seemed warranted in the light of Donald's preference for retaining the 'TDWG' monika at the meeting in Freemantle.

Donald's ruling is that we should use

"TDWG - Biodiversity information standards" (thanks for reminding us Hannu!)

and as a second option

"TDWG - Biodiversity information solutions" (thanks to Jim Beach!)

I have just ordered two banners for use for the TDWG booth at eBiosphere. The first will be a horizontal one based on the first option and the second, a vertical one based on the second option. As soon as I have the proofs back, I'll put the images up on the (motto) Wiki for you to see.

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