28-Jul-2006 02:18 Age: 12 yrs

One year into the 2.5 year contract

By: Lee Belbin

The TDWG Infrastructure Project (TIP)  is now one year into the 2.5 year project. Most of the milestones are now behind us as are most of the formal reports. We have been on-track for most of the milestones.

I have done a survey of TDWG and parallel standards organisations and reported on Best Current Practice and TDWG Current Practice, and as you would anticipate, TDWG has some a number of significant changes to implement. The  most significant changes are a new TDWG constitution and a New Process developed through the TDWG Process Subgroup. Recommendations should go to the TDWG Executive by August 15 for distribution to TDWG members so that a vote on the changes can be made at the annual meeting in St Louis.

Roger has been working on documentation of TDWG standards and aspects of the new TDWG Process and therefore has been dependent on decisions in the Process Subgroup. Everyone should know by now about the templates for subgroup charters and meeting reports. These are two significant steps toward TDWG being a more professional standards organisation. The base administrative document has been developed to cover standards. As many of you would be aware, the Project has provided financial support for the development of subgroup charters and standards documentation including  primers.

Ricardo, Donald and I have been very busy with the GUID meetings in Durham  in February and Edinburgh in June 2006. We had a terrific cross-section of the community at both meetings. Much was discused and achieved. LSIDs were recommended and a range of tasks have been established. Donald is working on aspects of infrastructure and Ricardo is hunting resources to support LSIDs. Rich Pyle, Ben Szekely (IBM), Rod Page and I are writing some introductory material for managers and biologists.

Ricardo has also been hard at work developing the new TDWG 'internet environment'. This environment includes the Typo3 content management system, Twiki, Mailman and the Open Journal Sysem (OJS). We are hoping to release the site around the first week in August 2006. This is a few weeks later than we had hoped to get it out, but we decided to strive for a single logon so poor Ricardo is struggling to implement that. As you will have seen, thanks to Adrian and Ricardo, even the meting site is now using Typo3. Lee is on a steep learning curve trying to manage the abstracts for the meeting through the (excellent) Open Journal System (OJS).

Many of you would also have heard about the Technical Advisory/Architecture Group (TAG). TDWG needed a systematic strategy for the development of standards. It was up to the TAG to recommend what this should look like. Roger stirred up a representative group and met in Edinburgh in April and reported that the priority was a TDWG base ontology.  Jessie Kennedy, along with a bunch of others met in Edinburgh to decide how to create this, and are currently working (with Project support) to have an outcome shortly.

TDWG activities supported by the Project to date include ABCD (US$: 17,000), DwC ($15,000), Geospatial ($30,000), LSID.NET ($4,000), NCD ($12,000), TCS ($5,000), Ontology ($51,000), SDD ($16,000), TAG ($12,000) and TAPIR ($19,500).

The Team will report on work to date at the annual meeting in October.



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