21-Feb-2011 23:03 Age: 7 yrs

LSID and GUID Applicability Statements Approved

By: Lee Belbin

The TDWG Executive Committee has approved the Life Sciences Identifiers Applicability Statement (LSID_AS) and the Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID_AS) Applicability Statement as new TDWG standards.

The Executive committee acknowledges Kevin Richards of Landcare New Zealand as author of the GUID Applicability Statement. Likewise, Kevin Richards, Ricardo Pereira (TDWG Infrastructure Project), Donald Hobern (Atlas of Living Australia), Roger Hyam (TDWG Infrastructure Project), Lee Belbin (TDWG Infrastructure Project) and Stan Blum (California Academy of Sciences) as co-authors of the LSID Applicability Statement.

The committee also greatly appreciated the patience and perseverance of Ben Richardson of the Department of Environment and Conservation of Western Australia who was the Review Manager for these standards. The process, as can be seen from the institutional associations, was in this case longer than all would have liked, but we hope that the standards will prove useful to the Biodiversity Informatics community.

We would also thank all those who were involved as formal or public reviewers of these standards. Your input was greatly appreciated and was in various ways, incorporated into the final standards.

These standards can be downloaded from http://www.tdwg.org/standards/150/download/.

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