02-Aug-2007 07:11 Age: 11 yrs

Geointeroperability Workshop Outcomes

By: Lee Belbin

A workshop hosted at CRIA during the first week in April 2007 clearly demonstrated the interoperability between TDWG and OGC standards. A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between TDWG and OGC and this work is a direct outcome of our collaboration.

Javier de la Torre, Tim Sutton, Renato De Giovanni, Bart Meganck, Dave Vieglais, Aimee Stewart and Peter Brewer produced an application, generated recommendations and raised issues to be addressed. The report of the process and outcomes can be found here.

The application used the following standards, services and languages-

The outcomes of the workshop were presented at the OGC Technical Committee meeting in Paris July 9-12. Donald Hobern also gave an introductory presentation on TDWG.

Thanks to the team for an excellent workshop that produced many practical outcomes!


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