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Dick Brummitt passing

By: Patricia Mergen

Richard K. Brummitt

We are very sad to announce the passing of Dick Brummitt on September 18.

Dick was one of the founders of TDWG in the 1980s.  He worked long and tirelessly to create some early data standards, which were primarily focused on plants at that time.  Among his many achievements, he was lead author of 'Vascular Plant Families and Genera[1]' and  'Authors of Plant Names'[2] which forms the basis of a TDWG standard[3]. His World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions[4][5] is also a TDWG standard[6] used by many global projects.

Retired in the late 1990s after a long and distinguished career at Kew, Dick continued to work as long as he was able. One of the 'greats' of botanical nomenclature, his knowledge of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature was extensive and he was always willing to help staff and visitors with tricky nomenclatural problems. His work over many years as Secretary of the Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants of the IAPT was widely recognised and appreciated.  He managed Index Kewensis and then continued to support IPNI as an advisor, always on hand to provide insight and assistance.

 Dick will be very sorely missed

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