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Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG): call for expressions of interest to host an annual conference in years 2015 to 2017

By: Patricia Mergen

The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), Time and Place Committee is seeking expressions of interest to host its annual conference within the broader schedule given below:

·          2013 Europe  is in  Florence, Italy

·          2014 Africa  is in Nairobi, Kenya

·          2015 South or Central America, call for detailed expression of interest  currently open until September 30th, 2013

·          2016 Oceania,

·          2017 North Americas

To better understand the facilities and services needed to support an effective meeting, please refer to Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Conference Guidelines: Considerations for Hosting and Organising the Annual TDWG Conference.  

To register an expression of interest please submit a formal expression of interest using the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Conference Host Expression of Interest form to Paul Flemons, Chair Time and Place Committee.  Proposals will be evaluated according to the following schedule.

For 2015 to 2017

Conference Year

Call for Expressions of Interest :

Host chosen at:

Full Proposal due :

Presentation at:


March – June 2013

TDWG 2013


December 20 2013

TDWG 2014


March - June 2014

TDWG 2014


December 20 2014

TDWG 2015


March – June 2015

TDWG 2015


December 20 2015

TDWG 2016


Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Conference Host Expression of Interest Guidelines:

To assert a potential host's credentials, capacity and interest in hosting a Biodiversity Informatics Standards (TDWG) conference, an Expression of Interest is required, addressing the following issues. As this is the first stage of the process of establishing a host for a particular year, expressions are expected to be brief but explicit. The successful applicant will be required to develop a detailed full proposal within 12 months of being selected.

  1. Budgetary strategy.
    No real detail of the budget is required at this stage, however the approach to hosting the conference and the resultant budgetary implications are required.

  2. Conference hosting options  :
         a.  Venue Options
                Overall space:
                Meeting rooms (number, capacity, conference vs. theatre)
                Tech support (internet connection and bandwidth, audio/video support):
                Conference dinner/breaks/coffees options
                A general indication of the Budget implications of this venue:
                Will the meeting and accommodations be in the same or different locations?
                If different locations, describe the transportation arrangements anticipated.

         b.  Accommodation (provide range of options)
                Number of rooms
                Cost range of rooms
                Group rate options:

         c.  Meals
                Local dinner options (including approximate distances)
                Conference Dinner

         d.  Transportation:
                To/from airport/train terminals
                Local transport options

  3. Key attributes of the location and potential venues:
    Dot points describing the advantages of the location and potential activities for attendees.

  4. Date options for the conference:
    The preferred time for the conference is between mid-September to mid-November with the optimal time being around the second week in October. Climate may be a mitigating factor.

  5. Primary contact name and contact information:
    Preliminary list of names of members of the local organizing committee and their responsibilities.


Send applications to secretary(at)tdwg.org and Paul.Flemons(at)austmus.gov.au

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