29-Jan-2010 05:27 Age: 8 yrs

Review of TDWG Systems and Services

By: Lee Belbin

As you are probably aware, we have had a few problems with the TDWG systems over the last few years. Thankfully, most of the issues have been minor, but we have had a few more serious problems with Twiki.

While a number of volunteers have very kindly helped out, TDWG does not have anyone dedicated to the support of the systems. The applications TYPO3, Twiki, OJS and Mailman are out of date because we don’t know how updates will affect code that links a number of applications (for example automated posting of standards and charters from OJS to TYPO3).

The systems have done a good job over the past 4 years, but it is time to review them and to evolve to a environment that will be easier to maintain. The TDWG Executive Committee decided in Montpellier that this review should occur. As a first step in that process, we are seeking interest from anyone who may wish to play a role in that review. Please contact me at lee(at)tdwg.org

Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

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