How to Update Your Registration

Many details of this year's conference have emerged after we first put registration online.  That means many participants will need to go back to their registration record to add or update information we need.  The instructions here should help participants unfamiliar with RegOnline.






Click this link (the meeting URL: ) to go to our registration site.

Then click the "Register Now" button.





Login with your email address and the password you used when you created your registration.

(Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link if you need to reset your password.)




Then click on one of the links in the "Edit" column.




The text under the page header shows the sequence of pages in the registration process.  These are links and will take you to the indicated page.

Add flight information to the Travel and Lodging page.

This year, bus tickets (between SJO and La Fortuna) and tickets for the Soltis Center biodiversity observing opportunity (Thursday afternoon), can be purchased on the "Separate Purchases" page.

After changing any content or adding new purchases, be sure to click the "Continue" button (bottom) through the pages until "Continue" becomes "Finish" and you have saved your modifications.



  Last Modified: 17 November 2016