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Addink AudubonCore experiences.pptx

99 K

Addink CatalogueofLife.pdf

2.2 M

Addink CatalogueofLife.pptx

4.0 M

Addink LinnaeusNG.pptx

3.2 M

Addink MediaLibraryAudubonCore.pdf

241 K

Agosti Hagedorn - Open Access Taxon Name Information.pdf

682 K

Arino BeyondBarriers.ppsx

8.5 M

Arino ScholarlyDataPublishing WelcomeSlides.ppsx

335 K

Arnaud CropOntology.ppt

5.8 M

Baker DataCitation.pptx

9.2 M


220 K

Bart ExpandingAndSustainingAfricanParticipationInTDWG.pptx

7.5 M

Baskauf Darwin-SW.pdf

636 K

baskauf DwcRdfGuide.pdf

463 K

Baskauf RdfPrimer.pdf

1.6 M

Baskauf VomagTdwgOntology.pdf

463 K

Berendsohn SustainingBiodiversityInfrastructure.pptx

2.3 M

Blum TheElementsOfCollaborationInTDWG.pptx

116 K

Burguiere Xper3.pdf

2.9 M

Chagnoux Crowdsourcing.pdf

1.4 M

Chataigner DevelopingVocabulary.pdf

356 K

Chataigner FrenchStandard.pdf

566 K

Coetzer SemanticMediation FlowerVisiting.pptx

3.6 M

Copley Biodiv Vocab BCODMO poster.pdf

1.4 M

Coro StatisticalAlgorithmsAsAService.pptx

17.7 M

Deck IdentifiersForAGlobalBiodiversityNetwork.pdf

5.0 M

Denslow NEONsCollectionsProgramDevelopingACollaborative.pptx

7.8 M

Dmitriev Cybertaxonomy and revisionary systematics.ppt

13.6 M

Drinkwater OCRforHerbaria.pptx

3.4 M


3.8 M

Endresen VoMAG Framework.pdf

3.7 M

Fichtmueller Data Quality Initiative.pdf

348 K

Frank 401 LightningTalk Museion.pptx

8.0 M

Frank BHLE-on-TDWG.pdf

1.9 M

Frank DataMobilisationAndUsage.pptx

6.1 M


11.4 M


10.4 M


10.2 M


11.4 M


6.9 M

GendreauLeCoq ElasticSearch.pdf

1.3 M

Gendreau DataQualityCanadensys.pptx

3.0 M

Gibbons EarthMicrobiomeProject.pptx

7.9 M

Gloeckler BioCASe ABCDEFG OpenUp.pdf

3.9 M

Gloeckler Semantics4CollectionData.pdf

2.3 M

Graham VESPER.ppt

3.5 M

Guentsch DataQualityToolkit.pptx

1.7 M

Guralnick SpeciesInventory.pptx

3.0 M

Hagedorn - Beyond DwC - Stable IDs Linked Open Data.pdf

1.4 M

Hagedorn - Semantic Mediawiki for TDWG terms.pdf

1.6 M

Heidorn-Chong SemanticKnowledgeStores4.pptx

3.1 M

Heimann Subontologies.pdf

1.7 M

Holston DINASpecifyConsortium.pdf

1.4 M

Jackson EconomicBotany.pdf

2.6 M

Jackson EconomicBotany.pptx

5.2 M

Jacob EuropeanaAPI.pptx

2.1 M

Jacob IntellectualPropertyRights.pptx

1.2 M

Kalfatovic BHL-Overview-TDWG-2013-10.pdf

5.4 M

Kempser OntologyExtractionUnstructuredText.pdf

783 K

King BibliographyofLife.pdf

729 K

King Bibliography of Life.pdf

729 K

King HomoSapiens.pptx

620 K

Kohlbecker EDIT Platform as information broker.ppt

1.3 M

Koller NaturalHistoryMeetsCulture.ppt

2.4 M

Koureas UserOrLoseIt.pptx

4.3 M

Laporte facetedSearchSystem.pdf

779 K

Leary EOL and DwC-A.pptx

1.3 M

Ludaescher Sciworkflow Provenance.pdf

6.0 M

Macklin BotanicalKnowledgePortal.ppt

5.5 M

Macklin Kurator workflow.pdf

2.6 M

Maglia StrategiesAndPartnerships.ppsx

14.0 M

Mathew BioDivServicesFitForUse.zip

6.0 M

Matsunaga iDigBioCloud.pdf

8.7 M

Matteis&Laporte DiscussionGroupForSemanticStandarsLOD.pptx

67 K

Meyer LongLivedData.pdf

5.7 M

Morris SemanticMatchingInterestsAnnotations.pdf

3.0 M

Morris SkosXl.ppt

93 K

Morse agINFRA.pdf

0.9 M

Morse ComTax.pdf

613 K

Otegui LinkingSystemsDataQuality.pptx

3.1 M

OTuama GBIF-Data-Quality.pptx

3.6 M

OTuama VoMAG-Introduction.pptx

781 K

Owonibi BExIS DataQuality.pdf

1.8 M

Parfilis IdentificationOfEnvoTermsInText.pdf

5.7 M

Parr EOLInteroperabilitySemantics.pptx

3.2 M

Parr EOLstructuredData.pptx

8.3 M

Paul iDigBioasasResource.pdf

21 M

Paul SuccessInBroadeningParticipation.pptx

7.4 M


11.2 M

Rainer NaturalHistoryMeetsCulture.ppt

2.4 M

Rees OpenTreeOfLife.pdf

1.8 M

Roberts BIH Summary.pdf

20 K

Roberts Decadal Vision.pdf

21 K

Roberts ViBRANT Review.pdf

21 K

Ronquist BuildingSustainableBiodiversityInformationSystems.ppt

2.5 M

RoseSandler Finding a goldmine.pptx

3.9 M

Rycroft Scratchpads.pptx

6.8 M

Saarenmaa EUBON.pptx

4.3 M

Sachs DwC as a Model.pptx

3.7 M

Santarsiero eMonocot.pdf

3.0 M

Saraiva WeCanFosterCollaboration.ppt

4.8 M

Schigel HotSeat.pdf

485 K

Schildhauer RdfPrimerII.pptx

521 K

Schindel BarcodeOfWildlifeProject.pptx

8.2 M

Seyed HierarchicalSearchInSemanteco.pptx

472 K

Seyed SemantEcoAnnotator.ppt

1.0 M

Soomro iDigBioDataIntegration.pdf

3.7 M

Steele VertNet.pdf

5.4 M

Stucky et al-BiSciCol Triplifier.pdf

205 K

Suhrbier AnnoSys-Poster.pdf

0.9 M

Suhrbier AnnoSys Hands On Demo.ppt

3.1 M


87 K

TDWG 2013-ComputerDemo.ppt

3.1 M


2.3 M

Theeten CopingCapacityBuilding.pdf

0.9 M

Thompson iDigBioPerspectiveDWCA.pdf

786 K

TschoĢˆpe AnnoSys.pdf

1.2 M

Ulate Expanding-BHL-TDWG-2013.pdf

5.7 M

VandenBerghe BiOnym 389.pptx

1.9 M

Walls BCO TDWG2013.pptx

4.9 M

Waruingi Africa-BHLA-TDWG-2013.pdf

1.4 M

Weibulat DiversityMobile.pdf

1.8 M


3.4 M

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