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Abarenkov PlutoF.pdf

4.3 M

Akampurira DataSharingMechanisms UgaBIF.ppt

9.6 M

Alercia Behind GENESYS.ppsx

17.3 M

Balhoff SemanticPhenotypes.pdf

200 K

Barde Fisheries-data.pdf

11.5 M


3.4 M

Bevans StandardizedImaging NYBG.pdf

2.5 M

Blaa TapirDotNETXml.pdf

1.2 M

Burguiere identificationKey-webservice.pdf

3.2 M

Cael - CABIN - A taste of Cyber-insects from Africa.ppt

5.0 M

Cael - Cybertaxonomy Portal.ppt

4.9 M

Cavner BridgingSpeciesNicheModeling.ppt

5.6 M

Chapman-Image Archiving.ppt

1.1 M

Cooleman AfrotropicalBirds RMCA EOL.pdf

1.3 M

Deck BiSciCol-TDWG2011.ppt

3.7 M

Desmet QuantitativeMetadata.pdf

3.6 M

Dmitriev Cybertaxonomy.pdf

387 K

Eck IntelligentUserInterfaces TDWG2011.pptx

1.7 M

Endresen GBIF Vocabularies TDWG2011.ppt

8.6 M

Flemons Crowdsourcing.pdf

0.9 M

Flemons DigitisingVolunteers.pdf

0.9 M

Folch BiodiscoveryApp.pdf

9.3 M

Freeland ScribblesScrapsDarwin.ppt

4.4 M

Grady UsingSpecimenDataToConnectToMetadataArchiveAndDiscoveryServices.pptx

1.6 M

Granzow SpcmnDuplsDataReuse-SGR.pdf

2.9 M

Gries LBCC TCN.pdf

1.7 M

Haston ImageWorkflow.ppt

7.3 M

Haston RapidDataCapture.ppt

7.4 M

Hill Biocollections Crowdsoucing.pdf

10.9 M

Hobern ALAAnnotationsLessonsLearned.ppt

4.9 M

Hobern DigitizationPortals ALA.ppt

4.7 M

Hobern GlobalUpdates ALA.ppt

7.5 M

Holetschek - Boiling Down ABCD to DarwinCore Archives.ppt

1.7 M

Holetschek - Updating the BioCASe Technology Suite.ppt

2.6 M

Javier de la Torre GeoCAT.pdf

4.9 M

Jong de Yde - BioVel.pdf

863 K

Jong de Yde - PESI.pdf

2.0 M

Jong de Yde PESI.pdf

2.0 M

Kalfatovic TL2Online.ppt

7.0 M

Khatieb SANBI DataManagement.pptx

3.2 M

Kohlbecker Integrating-BHL-into-EDIT-Platform.pdf

5.2 M

Koller BHLE metadata harmonisation.ppt

6.3 M

Koller BHLE System Architecture.pdf

4.5 M

Koller Schema Mapping Tool.pdf

591 K

LaForest EDDMapS-InvSpp.pptx

22 M

Leggott Islandora Session.pdf

11.1 M

Llewellyn Georeferencing.ppt

6.6 M

Macklin AppleCore.pdf

599 K

Mancarella Effective Ontologies Using UML.ppt

2.7 M

Mantle SatScanANIC.pdf

1.4 M

Michiels-Chagnoux Paris-Herbarium-digitization.pdf

1.2 M

Michiels-Chagnoux Paris-Herbarium-digitization.ppt

8.1 M

Nyinondi- DigitalizationTanzani-lessons.pdf

472 K

Olivier Rovellotti Semantic ecoReleve TDWG2011.pptx

10.0 M

OTuama GBIF-Genomics-WorkProgramme TDWG2011.ppt

3.1 M

OTuama KOS-Intro TDWG2011.ppt

2.2 M

Parr EOLv2.pptx

3.8 M

Paul iDigBioasasResource.pdf

21 M

Rainer OpenUp Common Names.ppt

1.8 M

Rainer Virtual Herbaria.ppt

4.5 M

Reed TDWG2011 Prezi.zip

24 M

Rees AllGeneraIndex.ppt

1.8 M

Remsen(OTuama) Challenges-Interoperability-GBIF.ppt

5.3 M

Remsen(OTuama) Federated Access Issues GBIF.ppt

2.3 M

Reynolds NatureServe refs.ppt

392 K

Riccardi iDigBio roles and goals.pptx

393 K

Roberts DataPublication.pdf

10.1 M

Roberts ViBRANT.pdf

6.5 M

Saraiva Pollinator Information.pdf

2.3 M

Saraiva Pollinator Information poster.pdf

6.8 M

Schindel DNABarcoding.pptx

4.0 M

Schleidt ENVIROFI.ppt

3.0 M

Schulz EOL Poster.pdf

2.9 M

Sheffield FieldBookProject.pdf

1.5 M

Simpson GISINinvasiveSpp.pptx

2.4 M

Simpson ISIS-IGreport.pptx

871 K

Stewart LifemapperOverview.pptx

2.0 M


87 K

Thibault NEONDataandCollectionsMgmt.pdf

2.4 M


4.1 M

Triebel IndExs.pdf

5.8 M

Triebel NaviKey.pdf

3.7 M

Tulig Plants Bugs ADBC TCN.ppt

5.3 M

Ung Xper2.ppt

3.6 M

Veiga DataQuality.pdf

1.3 M

Vorwald DatabaseModelPerformanceComparison.pdf

1.7 M

Webb DarwinSW.pdf

0.9 M

Wieczorek Map of Life.pdf

13.0 M

Yoder Final Frontier of Standard.ppt.zip

5.5 M

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