The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is an international center for research, education, and training in biology. The oldest private marine laboratory in the United States, the MBL currently supports a year-round staff of more than 275 scientists and support staff working in such fields as cell and developmental biology, ecology, informatics, microbiology, molecular evolution, global infectious disease, neurobiology, and sensory physiology.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will also hold some events for TDWG Woods Hole.  Located on Woods Hole Road WHOI has approximately 750 full-time scientists, support staff and students.  It is the largest private, non-profit oceanographic institute in the world.


The Plenary sessions will be held in the Lillie Auditorium seating 500 people, 350 comfortably with laptops.  The Lillie Auditorium will have approximately 100 power outlets available for all seats in rows L, M, N and O.  The organizers ask that people please share these seats throughout the conference.

TDWG Woods Hole will have many smaller breakout sessions which will be held in various rooms at MBL and WHOI. 

  • Redfield Auditorium WHOI
  • Smith Conference room WHOI
  • Speck auditorium (seats 130)
  • MBL Club (seats 100)
  • Candle House (seats 60)
  • MRC (seats 25)
  • Grass Reading Room (seats 25-30)

Swope will be used as a dining hall and registration center on the first day


Parking passes will be available for TDWG attendees from the Swope desk. Parking is limited in Woods Hole and is on a first come, first serve basis. 

  Last Modified: 01 July 2010