Uploading TDWG 2010 Presentations

All presentations at TDWG 2010 are required to upload them using the form below. Please use the following naming procedure for naming the files-

LastnameOfPrimaryAuthor_Abbreviated title.ppt

If you have a large Powerpoint presentation, please use the "compress images" tool within Powerpoint to reduce the size of the images in your presentation to being the file size down (see here for tips).

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User Agreement

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Ackerman MedicalInformatics.ppt

4.1 M

Agnosti Future Informatics Digital Literature.ppt

2.2 M

Akbaraly FeedbackGBIFArchitecture.pdf

1.6 M

Asase Ghana Biodiversity4cooperation&dev TDWG.pptx

1.0 M

Asase TDWG.pptx

1.0 M

baskauf full-implementation-of-guids.ppt

1.5 M

Boyle Veg data taxonomy Nomina.pdf

2.1 M

Brisbin Google APIs for Biodiversity.pdf

2.2 M

Brown AmphConsEd.ppt

5.5 M

Brown OmahasHenryDoorlyZooAmphibianDatabase.pptx

12.1 M

Cartolano Biodiversity Data Digitizer BDD.pdf

298 K

Chapman e-Publication.ppt

700 K

Chavan DataCitation.ppt

1.4 M

Cooleman STERNA PC-demo TDWG2010.ppt

5.0 M

Cottingham BiofinityProject.pptx

3.4 M

CryerGoddard BHL Cluster.pdf

2.1 M

Davy EDIT MapViewer.ppt

2.6 M

Davy EDIT Map REST Services.ppt

4.2 M

Deck FieldBasedDataValidation.pptx

9.4 M

DeVries MappingConceptsToNames.pdf

839 K

Dòˆring DarwinCoreArchives CLB.ppt

3.5 M

Eck AdvancedUserSupport.pptx

2.5 M

Eck IntelligentWikiPoster.pdf

1.0 M

Gaiji Beyond DarwinCore.ppt

14.8 M

Gaisberger-Buonaiuto-Arnaud Accessing Original Observation Data.pptx

5.3 M

Ganglo Benin Biodiversity4cooperation&dev TDWG2010.ppt

776 K

Holetschek GBIF OGC Web Services.pdf

1.1 M

Holland ChangingRole BotanicalLibraries epub.ppt

5.6 M

Hyam PESI-03.pdf

3.5 M

Iliff eBird.pptx

11.0 M

JonesWhite CrossMappingGUIDs TDWG2010.pdf

596 K

Jones eInfrastructuresFor4lifeProjects.pdf

652 K

Kahindo BiodiversityInfo Developing Countries Africa.ppt

5.1 M

Lakshmi NameDiscovery.key

1.6 M

Laurenne Modeling and Publishing Biological Names.pdf

275 K

Moen ApiaryEventModel.pdf

3.2 M

Mozzherin GNA Projects Nomina.ppt

622 K

Oguye Kenya Biodiveristy4Coperation&development - TDWG.ppt

1.6 M

Parr citizenscience intro.pptx

1.2 M

Parr ievobio.pptx

7.4 M

Patterson nominaVIIchairpoints.ppt

335 K

Penev TDWG Literature Session Sep 2010.pptx

4.4 M

Pentcheff PublicationPaperDataInSystematics.pdf

8.0 M

Pentcheff Systematics.pdf

8.0 M

poigne I4Life LifeWatch.pptx

563 K

poigne LifeWatch-1.pptx

4.6 M

Poigne LifeWatch.pptx

4.6 M

Poster AfricaMuseum.pdf

1.6 M

Poster BHL-Europe.pdf

1.6 M

Poster Biodiversity Data Digitizer-BDD.ppt

2.7 M

Poster Biodiversity GeoreferencingTool BGT.ppt

5.1 M

Poster boyle iPlant TNRS.pdf

129 K

Poster Chen TaiBIF.pdf

3.1 M

Poster Ha Managing data with key-value stores.pdf

1.1 M

Poster Hoffman UCB CSpace.pdf

2.4 M

Poster Oppermann analysis trait observation data.pdf

4.2 M

Poster Schenk Architecture of LigerCat.pdf

105 K

Poster Spencer VegX Exchange Format for Vegetation Data.ppt.pdf

457 K

Poster Stevenson Fish CitizenScience.ppt

3.6 M

Poster Stewart Lifemapper.pdf

424 K

Poster Ung Xper2.pdf

0.9 M

RanipetaLeary CodeBlitzIntro.ppt

74 K

Remsen DarwinCoreTaxonomicArchive.pptx

4.2 M

Robertson Challenges BiodiversityPortal.pptx

2.7 M

Sachs BioblitzOverview.pptx

155 K

Saraiva Biodiversity Data Digitizer.pdf

1.6 M


416 K

Scott MobileObservationSystem.pptx

4.0 M

Scott MobileObsSystem.ppt

1.1 M

Stevenson CitizenScience2010.ppt

5.8 M

TDWG2010 SurveySummary.xls

78 K

TDWG template ConferenceBudget.xlsx

12.8 K

Thau GoogleEarth Engine.ppt

7.5 M

Thau Google Earth Engine.zip

8.8 M

Veiga Biodiversity Georeferencing Tool BGT.pdf

307 K

Wallis mobiletoolsforCS.pptx

6.4 M

Wieczorek SilverLiningCloudComputing.ppt

1.0 M

Wilson RHS Orchard poster.pdf

1.3 M

Wilson TDWG&BiodiversityInformatics.ppt

2.3 M

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