We have an abundance of great submissions this year, but we have managed to provide space for everyone who submitted a poster to display them during the whole conference from Monday to Friday. On Thursday, just before the TDWG banquet, we have scheduled a poster session where presenters will stand by their posters to answer questions from interested attendees. We would like to remind all that the preferred size for posters is A1. We expect that there will be mounting devices provided on site for mounting your poster, but presenters might want to bring their own pins, just in case. More details will be updated here next week and during the Conference. Posters submitters, please make sure to bring your poster with you during Registration on Sunday or Monday during the first coffee breaks and we look forward to meeting you all at TDWG!

# AuthorTitle
   1.Melita Birthälmer & Boris JacobBiodiversity Heritage Library for Europe – Interoperability of European biodiversity digital libraries
   2.Yde de Jong, Juliana Kouwenberg, Phillip Boegh, Mark Costello, Charles Hussey, Roger Hyam, Thierry Bourgin, Anton Guentsch, Walter Berendsohn, Ward AppeltansA Pan-European Species-directories Infrastructure (PESI)
   3.Anton Güntsch, Walter G. Berendsohn, Marc Geoffroy, Eckhard von Raab-Straube, Andreas Müller, Ward Appeltans, Yde de JongThe Identity of Things − Why we need transparent delimitations of biodiversity objects
   4.Elie Chen, Kun-Chi Lai, Elisha Hsu, Burke Chih-Jen Ko, Kwang-Tsao ShaoUsing Google Maps to Display Large Amount of Biodiversity Data
   5.Jörg Holetschek, Tim Robertson, Éamonn Ó TuamaOGC Web Services for GBIF-Mediated Occurrence Data
   6.Alberto González-TalavánThe GBIF Community Site: a social networking platform for Biodiversity Informaticians
   7.Markus Oppermann, Jens Keilwagen, Helmut Knüpffer, Swetlana Friedel, Andreas BörnerValidation, analysis and aggregation of long-term trait observation data of genebank material
   8.Nick Spencer, Miquel De Cáceres, Susan Wiser, Robert Peet, Brad Boyle &Martin KleikampVeg-X – An exchange standard for plot-based vegetation data
   9.Christopher R. HoffmanCollectionSpace: A community source collection management system for natural history collections and beyond
  10.Michael Akbaraly, Anne-Sophie Archambeau, Eric Chenin, Delphine Gasc, Régine Vignes-LebbeImplementation of GBIF’s Architecture in GBIF France: from ideas to reality
  11.Brad Boyle, Sheldon McKay, Brian Enquist, Jerry Lu, Nicole Hopkins, William Piel, Kathleen Kennedy, Matthew Helmke, Evan DeablToward a plant taxonomic name resolution service
  12.Aimee M. Stewart, C.J. Grady, James H. BeachLifemapper 3: Geospatial Data and Computational Tools for Biodiversity Research
  13.Mary Liz Jameson and Bill WelchTransforming Citizen Science with The Biofinity Project
  14.Thea J. Cook and Linda HardisonThe Oregon Flora Project
  15.Íñigo Granzow-de la Cerda, Rod Spears and James BeachScatter, Gather & Reconcile: assembling and annotating specimen data records.
  16.R.D. StevensonTwelve Years of Migratory Fish Counting: Evolving Information Strategies for a Citizen Science project
  17.Katja Schulz, Jennifer  Hammock, Cynthia ParrThirty months of progress: Encyclopedia of Life Content Status, September 2010
  18.Shawn Baden, Ian Cottingham, Stephen Scott, LeenKiat SohThe Biofinity Project – Managing Data in the Cloud
  19.William E. Moen, Amanda K. Neill‎, and Jason BestAn Event Model for Herbarium Specimen Data in XML
  20.Chuck Ha, Holly Miller, and Catherine N. NortonKey-value stores: a nontraditional approach to managing metadata
  21.Adam Eck, Derrick Lam, and Dr. Leen-Kiat SohAn Intelligent Wiki for Supporting Collaborative Research
  22.Anthony Goddard, Ryan Schenk, Catherine N. Norton, Holly MillerParallel processing, horizontal scaling and data restructuring - the architecture and infrastructure of LigerCat.
  23.Henry EngledowThe Cost of taking short-cuts in Data Entry - Finding a compromise between minimal data and time availability
  24.Mike Blomberg, Chris Freeland, Doug Holland, Stephanie KeilDigitizing Engelmann's Legacy
  25.Ben S. Legler, Mary E. Barkworth, Zack E. MurrellUnited States Virtual Herbarium: Providing integrated, digital access to specimen data from U.S. herbaria.
  26.Federico Ocampo,Ma. Celeste Alvarez-Bohle, Belén MaldonadoThe Biofinity Project: Providing Next-generation Tools for Biodiversity Research
  27.Norman F. Johnson, Joe Cora, Luciana MusettiHOL app for taxonomy
  28.Chuck Miller, Robert Magill, Chris FreelandThe Plant List: A New Widely Accessible Working List of All Plant Species
  29.Allan Koch Veiga, Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Etienne Américo Cartolano JúniorA Georeferencing Tool to Improve Biodiversity Data Quality
  30.Cael, G., Theeten, F., Jacobsen, K., Cooleman, S., Smirnova, L., Davy, J., & Mergen, P.The cybertaxonomy unit of the Royal Museum for Central Africa - the TDWG connection
  31.Andrew C Jones, Richard J White and Frank A Bisbye-Infrastructure for the *4Life projects
  32.Mark Schildhauer, Shawn Bowers, Matthew B. Jones, Steve Kelling, Hilmar LappAdvances in using Observational Data Models as a Unifying Framework for Biodiversity Information
  33.Nina Laurenne, Jouni Tuominen, Mikko Koho and Eero HyvönenModeling and Publishing Biological Names and Classifications on the Semantic Web
  34.Hassan Moustahfid, Philip Goldstein, Charles AlexanderMaking Biological observing data “talk” amongst the data sets and making it accessible and reproducible.
  35.Dmitry Mozzherin, Patrick Leary, Anna Shipunov, Alexey ShipunovReusable biodiversity informatics tools
  36.Zheping Xu, Jinzhong Cui, Haining Qin, Keping MaThe Catalogue of Life in China and its Associated Applications

Computer Demonstration Posters

# AuthorTitle


S. Cooleman,  G. Geser, M. Louette, D. Meirte, P.  Mergen, A.  Mulrenin & S.M. Pieterse

STERNA advanced semantic web tool about resources on birds


Etienne Américo Cartolano Júnior, Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Allan Koch Veiga, Diogo Borges Krobath, Luiz Guilherme Pilar Saraiva, Guilhermo Tavares

Biodiversity Data Digitizer - BDD


Hanna Koivula, Mikko Heikkinen, Tapani Lahti & Hannu Saarenmaa

Enterprise architecture for managing biodiversity data in Finland


Dave Martin, Ajay Ranipeta, Angus MacAulay, Adam Collins and Lee Belbin

The Atlas of Living Australia, nearly.


Rupert G. Wilson and Janet J. Cubey

RHS Orchard: harvesting a different sort of fruit


C.J. Grady, Aimee M. Stewart, James H. Beach

Using the Vistrails Scientific Workflow Management System for Species Distribution Modeling


Tim Noble, Rod Spears & Andy Bentley (presenter James H. Beach)

Linking Specify 6 Databases with Morphbank Repositories and Morphster Ontologies


Gail E. Kampmeier and Shelah Morita

Tracking molecular processes of specimens in taxon-based biodiversity research


Guido Sautter, Donat Agosti, Bob Morris

Let Taxonomists do Taxonomists‘ Work – even in Legacy Literature Digitization & Markup


Jouni Tuominen, Matias Frosterus, Nina Laurenne and Eero Hyvönen

Publishing Biological Classifications as SKOS Vocabulary Services on the Semantic Web


Visotheary UNG, Florian CAUSSE and Régine VIGNES LEBBE

Xper²: from names to expertises


David Remsen and Michael Giddens

DarwinCore Archive Descriptor Utility

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