Computer Demonstrations

Each presenter for the Computer Demonstration Session will have twenty minutes to focus on the demonstration, make sure to bring the equipment needed to run your demonstration and let the Program Committee know in advance about any special requirements you may have (projector/beamer, Internet connection, firewall settings, etc.).

Computer Demonstration Presenters may additionally opt to bring a poster for viewing at other times. We have an abundance of great poster submissions this year, but we have managed to provide space for everyone who submitted a Computer Demonstration to display a Poster during the whole conference from Monday to Friday. On Thursday, just before the TDWG banquet, we have scheduled a poster session where we encourage each presenter to stand by your poster to answer questions from interested attendees. Please make sure to bring your poster with you during Registration on Sunday or Monday during the first coffee breaks. Even when we expect that there will be mounting devices provided on site for mounting your poster, if you decide to bring a poster too, you might want to bring your own pins, just in case.

More details will be sent your way next week and during the Conference. We look forward to meeting you at TDWG!


# AuthorTitleDay/time  Location
   1.S. Cooleman,  G. Geser, M. Louette, D. Meirte, P.  Mergen, A.  Mulrenin & S.M. PieterseSTERNA advanced semantic web tool about resources on birds Monday 1.30-1.50pmLillie 103
   2.Etienne Américo Cartolano Júnior, Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Allan Koch Veiga, Diogo Borges Krobath, Luiz Guilherme Pilar Saraiva, Guilhermo TavaresBiodiversity Data Digitizer - BDDMonday 1.30-1.50pmAuditorium
   3.Hanna Koivula, Mikko Heikkinen, Tapani Lahti & Hannu SaarenmaaEnterprise architecture for managing biodiversity data in FinlandMonday 4-4.20pmLillie 103
   4.Dave Martin, Ajay Ranipeta, Angus MacAulay, Adam Collins and Lee BelbinThe Atlas of Living Australia, nearly.Monday 4-4.20pmAuditorium
   5.Rupert G. Wilson and Janet J. CubeyRHS Orchard: harvesting a different sort of fruitMonday 4.30-4.50pmAuditorium
   6.C.J. Grady, Aimee M. Stewart, James H. BeachUsing the Vistrails Scientific Workflow Management System for Species Distribution ModelingMonday 4.30-4.50pmLillie 103
   7.Tim Noble, Rod Spears & Andy Bentley (presenter James H. Beach)Linking Specify 6 Databases with Morphbank Repositories and Morphster OntologiesMonday 5-5.20pmLillie 103
   8.Gail E. Kampmeier and Shelah MoritaTracking molecular processes of specimens in taxon-based biodiversity researchMonday 5-5.20pmAuditorium
   9.Guido Sautter, Donat Agosti, Bob MorrisLet Taxonomists do Taxonomists‘ Work – even in Legacy Literature Digitization & MarkupTuesday 10.45-11.05Lillie 103
  10.Jouni Tuominen, Matias Frosterus, Nina Laurenne and Eero HyvönenPublishing Biological Classifications as SKOS Vocabulary Services on the Semantic WebTuesday 10.45-11.05Auditorium
  11.Visotheary UNG, Florian CAUSSE and Régine VIGNES LEBBEXper²: from names to expertisesTuesday 3-3.20pmLillie 103
  12.David Remsen and Michael GiddensDarwinCore Archive Descriptor UtilityTuesday 3-3.20pmAuditorium
  Last Modified: 27 September 2010