Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) is pleased to acknowledge the generous sponsorship offered by the following organizations

Agropolis International is a co-host of TDWG 2009. TDWG thanks Agropolis and the Local Organzing Committee
The Agropolis Fondation
The Atlas of Living Australia
Bioversity International is a co-host of TDWG 2009. TDWG thanks Bioversity International and the Local Organzing Committee
The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement  performs research and manages programmes centred on man and his environment in the tropics
Université Montpellier 2 is the scientific university of Montpellier. It has a long standing tradition of participating and/or coordinating national and european projects
Is the institute of applied research for the sustainable management of land and freshwater
European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
The Languedoc - Roussillon Regional Council
ZooKeys is a peer-reviewed, open-access, rapidly produced journal launched to support free exchange of ideas and information in systematic zoology.
GBIF supports TDWG Subgroups extensively by way of funding and facilities for travel and workshops
Montpellier Agglomeration
AOB PLants - Open Access Journal for all plant biologists.

Whilst Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) is a not-for-profit organisation and does not promote or endorse any particular commercial product we recognise the value to the TDWG community of information concerning, and demonstrations of relevant products.

TDWG leads and supports a great many programmes and new initiatives in the field of biodiversity informatics. The Annual Conference is the focal point for reporting progress, new projects and the integration of work going on in parallel. New international standards are under development, more areas of interest are being opened up. All this international activity costs a lot of money, in travel costs, meeting organisation and facilities. Some of our colleagues are unable to raise funds to attend workshops and the Annual Conference. Any support you can give is guaranteed to be of considerable benefit to the international scientific community.

If you wish to enquire about opportunities for sponsorship or presenting a product at the 2009 Annual Conference please contact Adrian Rissoné (A.Rissone(at)  or Lee Belbin (lee(at)

  Last Modified: 15 March 2010