TDWG 2009 Annual Conference Program

This is an outline of the proposed programme that is being updated regularly by the TDWG 2009 Programme Committee.

Please be sure to look at the Working Sessions page to see details of the sessions planned for Tuesday, Wednesday (in parallel with Presentation Sessions) and Thursday.

Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) 2009 Conference

8th November
Chair Venue
1300-1700 1300-1800 Executive Committee (closed) Donald Hobern Joffre 4
1600-1800 Registration Joffre 1
9th November
08:00-09:00 Registration   Joffre 1
09:00-09:45 Session 1 - Welcome and introductions to TDWG Donald Hobern Theatre Einstein
0900-0910 Opening and Welcome Donald Hobern
0910-0920 Housekeeping and Logistics Adrian Rissoné
0920-0930 The Agropolis platform and the Montpellier biodiversity research community: overview (TBC) Bernard Hubert
0930-0945 Biodiversity research and informatics in Bioversity International Elizabeth Arnaud / Stephan Weise
0945-1045 Session 2 - Report from Working Sessions e-biosphere Cynthia Parr Theatre Einstein
0945-1005 Introduction Walter Berendsohn
0955-1005 Action taken: GBIF’s Position Nick King
1005-1015 Spin-off: the British Roadmap Frank Bisby
1015-1045 Discussion: Role of TDWG in the e-Biosphere Roadmap process Walter Berendsohn et al
1045-1115 Coffee Joffre 1
1115-1215 Session 3 - Sharing e-knowledge on agricultural diversity worldwide Theo van Hintum Theatre Einstein
1115-1130 Landscape of the information standards for plant genebanks Theo van Hintum
1130-1145 Agropolis global presentation of Pl@ntNet Daniel Barthelemy
1145-1200 Value of a coordinate: geographic analysis of agricultural biodiversity Andy Jarvis
1200-1215 CONABIO experience: Sharing e-knowledge, solutions and lessons learned Patricia Koleff
1215-1415 Lunch & Registration
Restaurants in Montpellier Centre (not provided)
1415-1515 Session 4a - Developing Global Networks Éamonn Ó Tuama Theatre Einstein
1415-1430 The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF): strategic objectives and perspectives Nick King
1430-1445 The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF ): The decentralized architecture Samy Gaiji
1445-1500 The Global Invasive Species Information Network: Advances and Barriers Michael Browne
1500-1515 EDIT: experience and impact Dave Roberts
1515-1530 The GBIF Global Names Architecture David Remsen, Markus Döring
1530-1600 Coffee Joffre 1
1600-1730 Session 4b - Ontology and Life Science Identifiers: The state of the play Éamonn Ó Tuama Theatre Einstein
1600-1615 Linked Data and the Semantic Web Roger Hyam
1615-1630 Vocabularies - managing them Kehan Harman
1630-1645 Outcomes of the GBIF LSID-GUID Task Group Greg Riccardi
1645-1700 The Life Sciences Identifiers Applicability Statement Ben Richardson
1700-1730 Discussion and roadmap for Workgroup Sessions Adrian Rissone
1800-2000 Welcome Reception   Joffre 1
10th November
Sessions 5-8 - Themed Working Groups (up to 6 in parallel)
Please look at the Working Sessions page for details of proposed sessions
0900-1030 Session 5 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1030-1100 Coffee Joffre 1
1100-1230 Session 6 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1230-1400 Lunch
Restaurants in Montpellier Centre (not provided)
1400-1530 Session 7 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1530-1600 Coffee Joffre 1
1600-1730 Session 8 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1730-1900 Local touristic visits
(See pages on Montpellier)
11th November
Sessions 9 - Conferences
Theatre Einstein
Sessions 13-16 - Working Sessions
see Working Sessions page for details
0900-1030 Session 9 - Presentations on the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) Platform for Cybertaxonomy Rooms Joffre - see the timetable of working sessions
Chair: Patricia Mergen  
0900-0910 Taxonomic workflow in the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy Andreas Kohlbecker  
0910-0920 Introducing community single sign-on in EDIT Lutz Suhrbier  
0920-0930 The Taxonomic Editor – more features less code Pepe Ciardelli:  
0930-0940 Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI): Using the Common Data Model (CDM) to build Europe's largest species data base Marc Geoffroy  
0940-0950 Crossmedia publishing with the CDM Niels Hoffmann  
0950-1000 Integrating two major projects: Creating A Taxonomic E-Science (CATE) and the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) Ben Clark  
1000-1010 GeoSpatial? Components Pere Roca  
1010-1020 Fieldwork today with data acquisition tools Alexander Kroupa  
1020-1030 Discussion Patricia Mergen  
1030-1100 Coffee  
Sessions 10-12 - Conferences Sessions 14 - Parallel Working Sessions
Joffre A Theatre Einstein and Joffre rooms - see the timetable of working sessions
1100-1230 Session 10 - Miscellaneous Presentations (including Biocuration, Disease)  
Chair: Annie Simpson  
1100-1115 Semantic Web for Ecosystem Approach applied to Fisheries Julien Barde  
1115-1125 Semantic Web discussion (all participants)  
1125-1140 Catalogue of Life Phase 2 and the new 4D4Life Project Richard White  
1140-1150 4D4Life discussion (all participants)  
1150-1220 Integrating Animal Health and Biodiversity Informatics Standards Jim Case  
1220-1230 Animal Health Standards discussion (all participants)  
1230-1400 Lunch - Restaurants in Montpellier Centre (not provided)
1400-1530 Session 11 - Identifying Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture Session 15 - Parallel Working Sessions
Chair: Doyle McKey? Theatre Einstein and Joffre rooms - see the timetable of working sessions
1400-1415 Sketches from an anthropologist’s fieldnotes on local knowledge about agrobiodiversity: a primer for biodiversity information specialists Eric de Garine  
1415-1430 Data integration and its impact on genebanks' databases Richards, Volk  
1430-1445 Impact of Citizen Science projects on biodiversity policies: Tela Botanica conference results Elise Mouysset  
1445-1500 New challenges for visual information retrieval in biodiversity applications Raffi Enficiaud  
1500-1515 Semantic Standards for Genomic Analyses of Tropical Plants: the Generation Challenge Program Use Case Manuel Ruiz  
1515-1530 The concept of "Networked collection" or "Virtual collection": revisiting the classical delineation between "in situ" and "ex situ" conservation and its consequences for database management Roland Bourdeix  
1530-1600 Coffee Joffre 1
1600-1730 Session 12 - Accessing information on Agricultural genetic resources and crop wild relatives Session 16 - Working Sessions
Chair: Anne Zanetto Theatre Einstein and Joffre rooms - see the timetable of working sessions
1600-1615 A Global germplasm information system to unlock genebank information for use Michael Mackay  
1615-1630 Online international genebanks' catalogues: SINGER and EURISCO Elizabeth Arnaud and Sonia Dias  
1630-1645 The Crop Wild relative Portal: conservation and utilization of crop wild relatives - project with Armenia, Bolivia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan Imke Thormann  
1645-1700 Fishbase and Sealife base, standards to go beyond the species level Nicolas Bailly  
1700-1715 Accessing information on domestic animal diversity Beate Sherf  
1715-1730 Integrating the monitoring of agricultural pests into biodiversity assessments Gail Kampmeier  
1900-late! Banquet (tickets in advance)
Mas du Ministre information Banquet menu
Mas du Ministre
12th November
Sessions 17-20 - Themed Working Groups (up to 6 in parallel) Venue
see the timetable of working sessions
0900-1030 Session 17 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1030-1100 Coffee Joffre 1
1100-1230 Session 18 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1235-1400 Lunch - Restaurants in Montpellier Centre (not provided)
1400-1530 Session 19 - Parallel Working Sessions Salles Joffre
1530-1600 Coffee Joffre 1
1600-1730 Session 20 - Themes Salles Joffre
1800-1900 Lecture for students
by Andy Jarvis, CIAT, Ebbe Nielsen Prize
Climate change and agriculture: how models can guide our adaptation strategies
Montpellier SupAgro?
Auditorium 208
13th November
Sessions 17-20
Auditorium Einstein
0900-1045 Session 21 - Reports from Working Sessions Adrian Rissoné Theatre Einstein
0900-0915 Phylogenetics VoCamp Hilmar Lapp
0915-0930 Theme #2 - Agriculture Elizabeth Arnaud
0930-0955 Theme #1 - TDWG and e-Biosphere Cynthia Parr
0955-1010 Theme #3 - Data Integration Roger Hyam
1010-1045 Roundtable Discussion Donald Hobern
1045-1115 Coffee Joffre 1
1115-1300 Session 22 - Agriculture Information for development Jean-Louis Pham Theatre Einstein
1115-1145 ARCAD project: Agropolis Resource Center for Crop Conservation, Adaptation and Diversity Jean-Louis Pham
1145-1200 Sud Expert Plantes Eric Chenin
1200-1215 Biodiversity Networks in Africa: from Knowledge Management to Technical and Institutional Implementation Charles Kahindo
1215-1230 Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA): a tool for sustainable development Michel Chauvet
1230-1245 Biodiversity informatics: key institutions, research and on-going projects in France Gilles Boeuf
1245-1300 2010 - The Year of Biodiversity - outcomes of the round table Lee Belbin
1300-1430 Lunch & Business Session - Proposals for events in 2010- Year of Biodiversity
Business Session in Theatre Einstein - Box lunch ordered and paid for in advance
Theatre Einstein
1430-1515 Session 23 - Wild Ideas Joel Sachs Theatre Einstein
1430-1445 Have Standards Enhanced Biodiversity Data? Global correction and acquisition patterns Arturo Ariño
1445-1500 Late Semantic Binding in the SADI Semantic Web Services Framework Mark Wilkinson and Rutger Vos 
1500-1515 Moving Biodiversity to the Cloud Javier de la Torre
1515-1530 Do LSIDs Need to Resolve? Joel Sachs
1530-1545 iCinema - Putting the WOW in biodiversity education and outreach Paul Flemons
1545-1615 Coffee Joffre 1
1615-1700 Session 24 - Taking Data Integration forward & Wrap-up Donald Hobern Theatre Einstein
1615-1630 [reserved] [reserved]
1630-1700 Roundtable Discussion Donald Hobern
1700 Close Donald Hobern Theatre Einstein
7/8 November NESCent Phyloinformatics VoCamp - Session 1
Contact: Nico Cellinese University of Montpellier
10/11 November NESCent Phyloinformatics VoCamp - Session 2 Contact: Nico Cellinese TBA
14th November
(See the Montpellier page in the Main Menu for details)
Meeting Location
Saturday 14 0930-1300 A walk in the Botanic Gardens Michel Chauvet Leaving from the Corum
Saturday 14 0915-1715 In the heart of Camargue Maxime Thibon Leaving from the Corum
Monday - Friday
0830-1730 Senior Author Title Location #
Addink 4D4Life Integrated Development and Documentation Infrastructure for Sustainable Software Production Joffre 1 1
Appeltans PESI: A European web portal for all species in Europe Joffre 1 2
Arnaud Crop Ontology: knowledge modeling for traits description and ontology application for maize, wheat, chickpea, sorghum, Musa, potato and rice Joffre 1 3
Azard TaxoBrowser?: a visual mashup for taxonomic browsing Joffre 1 5
Beach The Specify Collections Software: Cross-Platform, Open-Source, Collaborative, Robust, Localizable, Multi-disciplinary, Mature, Portable, and Free Joffre 1 6
Braak The GBIF Harvesting and Indexing Toolkit (HIT) Joffre 1 7
Cartolano, Jr. The Biodiversity Data Digitizer (BDD) tool Joffre 1 8
Chavan Global Biodiversity Resources Discovery System Joffre 1 9
Cooleman STERNA Semantic Web-based integration of digital resources on birds Joffre 1 10
Cryer Building a scalable, open source storage solution for biodiversity data Joffre 1 11
Cuadra The GBIF Data Portal Joffre 1 12
Deshayes Development of open source software for the management of observational data Joffre 1 13
Desmet Canadensys : unlocking Canada's biological collection information Joffre 1 14
Doring The GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit Joffre 1 15
Durand Siregal: the INRA Plant Genetic Resources Information System, a GnpIS? module Joffre 1 16
Engledow Repatriating the Botany of Tropical Africa Joffre 1 17
Fichtner How to make the TDWG Ontology understandable for experts of other scientific and scholarly domains? Joffre 1 18
Gaisberger Scanning and Passport Data Extraction from Bioversity - Collecting Mission Reports and Related Documents Joffre 1 19
Jameson The Biofinity Project: Transforming Biodiversity Research Joffre 1 21
Jongman EBONE? a project to design and test a European biodiversity observing system, integrated in time and space Joffre 1 22
Julien Semantic data integration for the analysis of the genetic diversity of plants Joffre 1 23
King Automatic Biodiversity Literature Enhancement Joffre 1 24
Laporte TermForm? : an online Web application to define and share concepts for the development of a trait-based ontology Joffre 1 25
Larmande Orylink Joffre 1 26
Laurenne LSIDs for managing biological names in data integration Joffre 1 27
Maiocco Guideline to edit online keys Joffre 1 28
McIver? Composition Assistance for Multiple Existing Scientific Workflow Systems Joffre 1 29
Mergen The importance of a good balance between physical collection management and digitisation. How SYNTHESYS aims for a benchmark standard throughout Europe Joffre 1 30
Moen An Application Profile Using Darwin Core Rendered in the New Dublin Core Application Profile Framework Joffre 1 31
Ó Tuama GBIF – helping to build a Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Joffre 1 32
Parr The Future of EOL: Phase II Implementation Joffre 1 33
Penev At the frontline of publishing in systematic zoology: ZooKeys? Joffre 1 34
Pommier Ephesis : Environment and Phenotypes Information System, a GnpIS? module Joffre 1 35
Remsen The Global Names Architecture: an integrated and federated approach to enabling discovery and access to biodiversity information. Joffre 1 36
Ruas The Musa Germplasm Information System Enhancing knowledge on the Musa diversity Joffre 1 37
Sahl eRelevé: a suite of solutions for biodiversity data management Joffre 1 38
Saraiva Interaction Extension, a Darwin Core Extension to interaction between specimens Joffre 1 39
Sarmiento Pl@ntWood: A computer-assisted identification tool for 110 species of Amazon trees based on wood anatomy Joffre 1 40
Schneider The Diversity Workbench Framework: The Synchronization Process in DiversityMobile? Joffre 1 41
Sherf Domestic Animal Diveristy Information System - A clearing house mechanism Joffre 1 42
Smales Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe – Interoperability of European biodiversity digital libraries Joffre 1 43
Stevenson Using the Electronic Field Guide Project’s software to make digital guides Joffre 1 44
Stewart Lifemapper: Finding the Good Life Joffre 1 45
Suhrbier EDIT Community Single Sign-On Joffre 1 46
Thibon AfriBes?-Towards a social network of scientific and technical information for Africa Joffre 1 48
van Strien Crop science and breeding: contributions in the fields of bioinformatics by the Generation Challenge Programme for the resource poor Joffre 1 49
Wang Capabilities and interfaces of a prototype Filtered Push network Joffre 1 50
Weiss The Diversity Workbench framework as data repository for biological data Joffre 1 51
White 4D4Life Work Package 7: Serving user needs with a new system architecture for the Catalogue of Life Joffre 1 52
0900-1730 Authors Title Location #
Best, Moen, Neill A Framework and Workflow for... Joffre 1 1
Caballier TaxoBrowser?: a visual mashup for taxonomic browsing Joffre 1 2
Deck The Moorea Biocode Project: Tracking Barcoded Specimens From Collecting Event to Sequence Joffre 1 3
Duche eFlore: An Electronic Flora Joffre 1 4
Giddens Using Citizen Science to Process Digital Herbarium Labels Joffre 1 5
Grard, Bonnet, Prosperi, Le... A graphical system for computer-assisted plant identification Joffre 1 6
Lyal, Weitzman Maximising the potential of digitised literature-INOTAXA prototype and TDWG standards Joffre 1 7
Parr, Leary The Encyclopedia of Life: Pathways to contribution Joffre 1 8
Sautter, Agosti, Catapano, Morris Plazi: Building Communities and Software for Increasing the Utility of Digitized Biodiversity Publications Joffre 1 9
Scott, Soh, Moriyama, Ocampo,... The Biofinity Project: An Extensible Semantic Bridge between Biodiversity and Genomics Joffre 1 10
Senger, Shrestha, Arnaud GCP Crop Ontology Browser Joffre 1 11
Škofič, Dias EURISCO - The European Plant Genetic Resources Search Catalogue Joffre 1 12
Thau, Bowers, Ludäscher CleanTax?: An Integrated Framework for Mapping Biological Taxonomies and Merging Taxonomically Organized Presence/Absence Data Sets Joffre 1 13
Tobler, Janovec, Best, Neill, Webber The Atrium Biodiversity Information System: sharing, managing, analyzing, and disseminating biodiversity data Joffre 1 14
Ung, Vignes-Lebbe Become an e-Taxonomist with Xper² Joffre 1 15
Walisch, Colling, van Breda A biodiversity cartography portal for nature conservationists, scientists, and naturalists Joffre 1 16


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