The Corum

Le Corum is a 4,000 seat conference centre/opera house in the centre of Montpellier. Le Corum can be reached from the Place de la Com├ędie, via the Esplanade and its pedestrian walkways.

Parking is in the basement of the building and there is also a bus/tram station, as well as main road access from the town, beaches and the airport, each of which are less than 15 minutes away.


The plenary sessions will be held in the Einstein lecture hall, seating 318 people. The lecture hall has comfortable leather seats with attached writing tables. It is fully equipped with a control room with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment (data projection, DVD and video), 4HF microphones, theatrical lighting and air conditioning.

 Other smaller sessions will be held in Joffre on level 1 of the Corum. Joffre is 600m2 and will be separated into 5 rooms each one being equipped with video and seating 50 people (Joffre A, B, C, D and 4)

Joffre 1 will be used for the registration desk and cloakroom, internet coffee, poster area, coffee breaks and some tables to allow informal discussions. We can easily and quickly adapt the spatial configuration to our needs according to the developing TDWG program. This space can also support the setting-up of stands for possible exhibitors.

Joffre 1 'informal area' will also be used for the display of up to 80 posters. We will have 40 (or more) panels made of red Velcro 1.18 x 0.96 m. This is the same area as we plan to use for Internet access, coffee breaks, tables for small discussions etc.


Claude Vasconi is the architect behind Le Corum and the Forum of the Halles' in Paris.  Building Le Corum, with its pink marble, was a real challenge, involving the creation of a structure that had never built before, incorporating a number of outstanding areas, each with its own particular function.


  Last Modified: 15 March 2010