TDWG 2009 Abstracts

This year, there will be an extremely limited number of oral presentations as plenary session are limited to Monday, Wednesday (in parallel with working groups) and Friday. Tuesday through Thursday will be taken up with parallel working groups addressing issues related to the three themes-

  1. Advancing the e-Biosphere Roadmap (Walter Berendsohn    )
  2. Agricultural Biodiverity Informatics (Elizabeth Arnaud    ) and
  3. Data Integration (Roger Hyam    )

Oral presentations will generally be by invitation only. Please examine the programme first, then if you wish to be considered as a presenter, contact the relevant Theme Leader before preparing an abstract. Abstracts for posters and computer demonstrations can always be submitted. This year, we will also accept Contributed Abstracts that will only be published in the Proceeedings of TDWG or possibly in a separate journal. We are allowing for the possibility that some of the contributed abstracts will relate to Brief Articles that will be submitted around the time of the meeting or shortly after. The articles must be related to the themes or one of the TDWG 2009 sessions. Please add 'ARTICLE' in the Comments to Editor box on submission of the Contributed Abstract. We will be collaborating with Pensoft in publishing the Proceedings and potentially, TDWG Articles.

General instructions

  • The deadline for submission of abstracts is 2359 UTC (London) on Thursday October 1, 2009. No abstracts can be accepted after this time.
  • All authors must be registered on the TDWG site before uploading their abstracts to the Proceedings of TDWG. Registration on the TDWG site costs nothing.
  • All abstracts will be peer reviewed. Acceptance of an abstract for publication does not automatically signify acceptance of a presentation.
  • It is essential that authors read the Instructions to Authors before starting the submission of an abstract.
  • Presentations can be one of four types
    • Oral presentation in one of the sessions managed by a Session Chair. These will be extremely limited as noted above.
    • Poster. The default size of posters is A1, but please ensure that you give the size and any special display requirements in Comments to Editor during submission.
    • Computer demonstration. Please ensure that you indicate any special facilities you require (projector/beamer, Internet connection, firewall settings, etc.).  If you need to make a presentation to achieve a successful funding application to your home organisation or a grant-awarding body you are encouraged to consider a poster presentation or demonstration of relevant software or an Internet site.
    • Contributed Abstract. This may be a short abstract or, by agreement, a longer paper to be included in either the published Proceedings of TDWG or a separate journal. As noted above, please add 'ARTICLE' in the Comments to Editor box on submission of the Contributed Abstract if you are seeking to publish a Brief Article. 
  • Theme Leaders will be inviting most of the speakers for their sessions, but if you believe that you have an ideal presentation for a particular session, you must contact the relevant Theme Leader as soon as possible.  All abstracts that have not been approved by Theme Leaders must be submitted as posters, computer demonstrations or contributed abstracts.
  • Abstracts and presentations must be written in simple English with no unexplained jargon. Presenters must assume that most of the audience will not have understanding of any technical issues.  E.g., taxonomists must be able to understand computer science presentations and computer scientists must be able to understand taxonomic presentations.
  • The Abstracts for the Proceedings of TDWG are to be processed and released through an implementation through TDWG's implementation of the Open Journal System (OJS).
  Last Modified: 15 March 2010