TDWG 2008 Annual Conference Program

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Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) 2008 Conference

Theme: The Atlas of Living Australia
18th October
Chair Venue
1100-1700 Executive Committee meeting (committee members only) Donald Hobern Notre Dame University Education Centre - Room 36.119 (seats 20)
19th October
Chair Venue
0900-1700 Group meetings as required (all welcome)  
0900-1300 Observations & Specimens Interest Group Steve Kelling Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.118 (seats 25)
0900-1300 Literature Interest Group Anna Weitzman Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.119 (seats 20)
0900-1300 Geospatial Interest Group Reed Beaman Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.102 (seats 35)
0900-1300 Technical Architecture Group Roger Hyam Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.103 (seats 45)
0900-1700 Phylogenetics Nico Cellinese & Hilmar Lapp Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.117 (seats 32)
1400-1700 Observations Task Group Matt Jones Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.118 (seats 25)
1400-1700 Image & Multimedia Resources Task Group Bob Morris Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.119 (seats 20)
1400-1700 Metadata Workshop Donald Hobern and Éamonn Ó Tuama Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.102 (seats 35)
1400-1700 Invasive Species Interest Group Annie Simpson and Jim Graham Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.103 (seats 45)
1800-2000 Welcome Reception Hosted by the TDWG 2008 Local Organising Committee Moores Building Art Gallery: 46 Henry Street Fremantle
20 October
09:00-10:15 Welcome by the Chairman and introductions to TDWG Donald Hobern Theatre
0900-0915 Opening and Welcome Diana Jones, Acting CEO of the WA Museum and formerly Executive Director, Collection and Content Development
0915-0925 Housekeeping and Logistics (PPT | SWF)Adrian Rissone
0925-0945 TDWG - Looking Back and Looking Forward (PPT | SWF)Donald Hobern
0945-1015 TDWG standards architecture (PPT | SWF)Roger Hyam
1015-1045 Coffee Function Centre
1045-1230 Session 2 - From Small to Big: How to Capitalize on Small Contributions to the Big Dreams of Sharing Biodiversity Information Gail Kampmeier Theatre
1045-1050 Introduction: From Small to Big (PPT | SWF)Gail Kampmeier
1050-1115 Every Datum Counts! Capitalizing on Small Contributions to the Big Dreams of Mobilizing Biodiversity Data (PPT | SWF)Vishwas Chavan, Éamonn Ó Tuama, Samy Gaiji, David Remsen and Nicholas King
1115-1135 Experiences in mobilizing biodiversity data - the story of HermesLite (PPT | SWF)Piers Higgs and Tim Carpenter
1135-1155 Small pieces loosely joined: Building scientific web communities with Scratchpads (PPT | SWF)Simon Rycroft, Dave Roberts, Kehan Harman and Vince Smith
1155-1215 Designing a global network to accommodate contributions from all sources and technical abilities (PPT | SWF)Tim Robertson
1215-1230 Discussion Gail Kampmeier
1230-1400 Lunch High Street
1400-1530 Session 3 - An Introduction to ... Adrian Rissone Theatre
1400-1420 An Introduction to Taxonomic Names of Organisms (PPT | SWF)Rich Pyle
1420-1440 An Introduction to Data Exchange Protocols in TDWG (PPT | SWF)Renato De Giovanni
1440-1500 An introduction to biological descriptions (PPT | SWF)Kevin Thiele
1500-1515 Globally Unique Identifiers in Biodiversity Informatics (PPT | SWF)Kevin Richards
Session 3 discussion (SWF)
1515-1545 Coffee Function Centre
1545-1715 Session 4 - Biodiversity Informatics: Key Organizations and Projects Lee Belbin Theatre
1545-1615 GBIF: From Prototype Towards Full Operation (PPT | SWF)Éamonn Ó Tuama, Vishwas Chavan, Markus Döring, Samy Gaiji, David Remsen and Tim Robertson
1615-1630 DataNetOne: A Distributed Environmental Data Archive (PPT | SWF)Matt Jones
1630-1645 European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) (PPT | SWF)Walter Berendsohn
1645-1700 Biological Collections Index (BCI) (PPT | SWF)Roger Hyam
1700-1715 Key2Nature (PPT | SWF)Wouter Addink
21 October
Sessions 5-8 Chair Venue
0900-1030 Session 5 - Biodiversity Informatics Literature and More Anna Weitzman Theatre
0900-0920 Plazi: Providing access to taxonomic literature through semantic enhancements and exposure of descriptions. An overview (PPT | SWF)Donat Agosti and Guido Sautter

The Plazi Markup System (PPT | SWF)

Plazi: Prospects for Mark up of Legacy and Prospective Publications  (PPT | SWF)

Guido Souttr

Terry Catapano

0940-1000 An Evaluation of Taxonomic Name Finding and Next Steps in BHL Developments  (PPT | SWF)Chris Freeland
1000-1020 Precision in Accessing the Descriptions, Keys and Other Contents of Digitized Taxonomic Literature: The INOTAXA prototype  (PPT | SWF)Chris Lyal and Anna Weitzman
1020-1030 Discussion Anna Weitzman
1030-1100 Coffee Function Centre
1100-1230 Session 6 - Ontologies Stan Blum, Hilmar Lapp, and Todd Vision Theatre
1100-1115 Development of the Generation Change Program Domain Models and Ontology Management Embedded in the GCP Platform  (PPT | SWF)Rosemary Shrestha, Jeffrey Detraas, Thomas Metz, Martin Senger, Graham Mc Laren, Elizabeth Arnaud, Tom Hazekamp, Adriana Alercia, Guy Davenport, Reinhard Simon, Jayashree Balaji and Richard Bruskiewich
1115-1130 Taxonomic ontologies: Bridging phylogenetic and taxonomic history  (PPT | SWF)Peter Midford
1130-1145 Lessons learned from semantic web prototyping in ecology  (PPT | SWF)Cynthia Sims Parr, Joel Sachs, and Tim Finin
1145-1200 SERONTO: a Socio-Ecological Research and Observation oNTOlogy  (PPT | SWF)D.C. (Bert) van der Werf, Mihai Adamescu, Minu Ayromlou, Nicolas Bertrand, Jakub Borovec, Hugues Boussard, Constatin Cazacu, Toon van Daele, Sabina Datcu, Mark Frenzel, Volker Hammen, Helena Karasti, Miklos Kertesz, Pirjo Kuitunen, Mandy Lane, Juraj Lieskovsky, Barbara Magagna, Johannes Peterseil, Sue Rennie, Herbert Schentz, Katharina Schleidt, and Liisa Tuominen
1200-1215 SONet (Scientific Observations Network) and OBOE (Extensible Observation Ontology): facilitating data interoperability within the environmental and ecological sciences through advanced semantic approaches  (PPT | SWF)Mark Schildhauer, Shawn Bowers, Matt Jones, and Josh Madin
1215-1230 A standard information transfer model scopes the ontologies required for observations  (PPT | SWF)Simon Cox and Laurent Lefort
1235-1400 Lunch High Street
1400-1530 Session 7 - Phylogenetics standards Nico Cellinese & Hilmar Lapp Theatre
1400-1405 Introduction: TDWG Interest Group on Phylogenetics Standards  (PPT | SWF)Nico Cellinese
1405-1420 Obstacles and Avenues Facing Phyloinformatic Research  (PPT | SWF)William H. Piel
1420-1435 Integrating space, time and form; the challenge of developing standards for geophylogenies  (PPT | SWF)David Kidd
1435-1450 Data standards in phylogenetics: the NeXML project  (PPT | SWF)Rutger A. Vos
1450-1505 Emerging Data Standards for Phylogenomics Research  (PPT | SWF)Christian Zmasek
1505-1520 Emerging standards in phylogenetic nomenclature  (PPT | SWF)Nico Cellinese
1520-1530 Towards a Simple, Standards-Compliant, and Generic Phylogenetic Database Module  (PPT | SWF)Hilmar Lapp, Todd J. Vision
1530-1600 Coffee Function Centre
1600-1800 Session 8 - Tutorials and Posters 1 Gail Kampmeier & Arturo Ariño Function Centre
1600-1800 TAPIR Tutorial Renato De Giovanni Function Centre 
1600-1800 TDWG Architecture Workshop Roger Hyam Theatre 
1600-1800 The NCD Toolkit Wouter Addink Notre Dame University Room 43.102 
1600-1800 GoldenGate Donat Agosti Notre Dame University Room 43.301
1630-2200 Spotlighting trip to Karakamia (tickets in advance) Karakamia
22 October
The Atlas of Living Australia Donald Hobern Venue
0900-1030 Session 9 - Atlas of Living Australia - Australian biodiversity informatics Donald Hobern Theatre
0900-0915 Introducing Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH) (PPT | SWF)Ben Richardson
0915-0930 CMKb: Integrating Australian Customary Medicinal Plant Knowledge with the Framework of Atlas of Living Australia  (PPT | SWF)Jitendra Gaikwad and Shoba Ranganathan
0930-0950 TAXAMATCH, a “fuzzy” matching algorithm for taxon names, and potential applications in taxonomic databases  (PPT | SWF)Tony Rees
0950-1010 Making Effective Use of the Atlas of Living Australia in Conservation Assessment Through Advances in Spatial Analysis and Modelling  (PPT | SWF)Simon Ferrier
1010-1030 Linking phylogenetic trees, taxonomy & geography to map phylogeography using Biodiverse  (PPT | SWF)Dan Rosauer and Shawn Laffan
1030-1100 Coffee Function Centre
1100-1230 Session 10 - Atlas of Living Australia - Architecture and deliverablesDave Martin Theatre
1100-1130 Introduction to the ALA  (PPT | SWF)Donald Hobern, Nick dos Remedios, Dave Martin, Wolf Wanjura and Lynette Woodburn
1130-1150 Taxonomy Research & Information Network (TRIN): Seeking Biodiversity Data Standards  (PPT | SWF)Margaret Cawsey, Gary Jolley-Rogers and Jim Croft
1150-1210 Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) and Australian Plant Census (APC): Content, Architecture and Services  (PPT | SWF)Greg Whitbread, Helen Thompson and Matthew Hand
1210-1230 Providing Annotation Services for the Atlas of Living Australia  (PPT | SWF)Ron Chernich
1230-1400 Lunch High Street
1400-1530 Session 11 - Atlas of Living Australia - Exploring user scenarios 1 - John Tann (PPT) Paul Flemons, Lynda Kelly & John Tann Function Centre, Theatre & Boardroom 
1400-1530 Breakout 1: Providers
1400-1530 Breakout 2: Integrators
1400-1530 Breakout 3: Consumers
1530-1600 Coffee Function Centre
1600-1730 Session 12 - Atlas of Living Australia - Exploring user scenarios 2 Paul Flemons, Lynda Kelly & John Tann Function Centre, Theatre & Boardroom
1600-1700 Breakout 1: Providers
1600-1700 Breakout 2: Integrators
1600-1700 Breakout 3: Consumers
1700-1730 Reports Breakout Conveners
1800-1900 Public Lecture by Donald Hobern "Atlas of Living Australia - Sharing Biodiversity Knowledge to Shape Our Future" Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia
23 October
SESSIONS 13-16 Chair Venue
0830-1000 Session 13 - Tutorials and Posters 2 Gail Kampmeier & Arturo Ariño Function Centre
0830-1000 TAPIR Tutorial Renato De Giovanni Function Centre 
0830-1000 TDWG Architecture Workshop Roger Hyam Theatre 
0830-1000 The NCD Toolkit Wouter Addink Notre Dame University Room 43.301
0830-1000 GoldenGate Donat Agosti Notre Dame University Room 36.120
1000-1030 Coffee Function Centre
1030-1200 Session 14: Keynote Speakers Kevin Thiele Theatre

Blood, Sweat and Tears: Biodiversity Data in the Real World. Dr Neil Burrows is the Director of the Science Division in the Department of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia. The Division provides expert scientific research and advice to support the Department, which has prime responsibility for managing Western Australia’s conservation estate and biodiversity. Neil has 25 years experience working as a fire scientist and ecologist investigating fire behaviour and impacts in a range of natural ecosystems including Eucalypt forests, woodlands, and hummock grasslands. This has included working with Aboriginal people in the Western Desert to understand their use of fire so that appropriate fire management regimes can be devised to conserve biodiversity and to meet the cultural needs of Aboriginal communities. Neil also has strong research interests in native mammal reintroduction programs in Western Australia, and the control of introduced mammalian herbivores and predators. 


Neil Burrows

Biodiversity Information Standards: are we going wrong, or just not quite right? Jim Croft is Deputy Director Science and information at the the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra and manages the botanical information systems of Australian National Herbarium programme of the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research. He has 30 years experience based in herbaria and a personal interest in applying evolving information management technologies to the business and products of scientific biological collections. He is particularly interested large scale national collaborative projects projects including the Australia's Virtual Herbarium, the Atlas of Living Australia and Australia's Taxonomy Research and Information Network as contributors to a global biodiversity knowledge base.

 (PPT | SWF)

Jim Croft
1200-1330 Lunch High Street
1330-1500 Session 15 - Biodiversity-Related networks and Tools Greg Whitbread Theatre
1330-1350 SpeciesLink and openModeller: Network and Tool Enabling Biodiversity Research  (PPT | SWF)Renato De Giovanni, Alexandre Marino, Sidnei de Souza, Dora Ann Lange Canhos, Marinez Ferreira de Siqueira, and Vanderlei Perez Canhos
1350-1410 EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy – An Overview  (PPT | SWF)Andreas Müller, Andreas Kohlbecker, Pepe Ciardelli, Niels Hoffmann and Patricia Kelbert
1410-1420 Data Integration Services for Biodiversity Informatics: An Example from Plant Collections and Morphbank  (PPT | SWF)Greg Riccardi and Boyce Tankersley
1420-1440 Community Building and Collaborative Georeferencing using GEOLocate  (PPT | SWF)Nelson Rios and Henry L. Bart
1440-1500 Halt the Loss of Biodiversity Data: Towards a New Archiving Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information  (PPT | SWF)Anton Güntsch and Walter G. Berendsohn
1500-1530 Coffee Function Centre
1530-1650 Session 16 - Species Profile Model Éamonn Ó Tuama Theatre
1530-1550 A Gentle Stroll Through the Species Profile Model  (PPT | SWF)Bob Morris
1550-1610 Plazi: Implementing SPM  (PPT | SWF)Terry Catapano
1610-1630 Experiences in Consuming SPM Marked-up Data  (PPT | SWF)Patrick Leary
1630-1650 The Species Profile Model from an Avian Perspective  (PPT | SWF)Jeff Gerbracht and Steve Kelling
1900-late! Banquet (tickets in advance) Esplanade Hotel
24 October
SESSIONS 17-20 Chair Venue
0900-1030 Session 17 - Multimedia in Biodiversity Informatics Bob Morris Theatre
0900-0915 Introduction to the session: The relationship of the GBIF Multimedia Resource Task Group to the presentations and to the aims of the TDWG Image Interest Group  (PPT | SWF | PDF)Bob Morris and Vishwas Chavan
0915-0930 The NBII’s Digital Image Library – bringing together diverse images means quality control and standards  (PPT | SWF)Annette L. Olson
0930-0945 Creative Commons – Have Your Copyright and Share It Too  (PPT | SWF)Chuck Miller
0945-1000 Using Fedora Commons to create a persistent archive for digital objects  (PPT | SWF)Phil Cryer
1000-1015 Using the JPEG2000 image format for storage and access in biodiversity collections  (PPT | SWF)Chris Freeland
1015-1030 OntoMorphBankSter: Image-driven Ontology and/or Ontology-driven Image Annotation  (PPT | SWF)Greg Riccardi, Austin Mast, Daniel Miranker and Ferner Cilloniz
1030-1100 Coffee Function Centre
1100-1230 Session 18 - The Global Invasive Species Information Network Annie Simpson Theatre
1100-1115 Developing a Cyberinfrastructure: Experiences From a Regional Network of Plant Taxonomists  (PPT | SWF)Zack Murrell, Derick Poindexter and Michael Denslow
1115-1130 Building a TAPIR-Lite Toolkit for the Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN)  (PPT | SWF)Jim Graham
1130-1145 Invasive species information management and exchange in the Americas: the IABIN Invasives Information Network (I3N)  (PPT | SWF)Fournier
1145-1200 Ensuring the relevance of invasive species information management tools for policy development and effective management  (PPT | SWF)Judy Fisher
1200-1215 Data Models to share invasive species information through the Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN)  (PPT | SWF)Annie Simpson
1215-1230 Discussion  
1230-1400 TDWG Business Meeting Adrian Rissone Theatre
1400-1530 Session 19 - Bringing Organism Observations into Bioinformatics Networks Steve Kelling Theatre
1400-1420 The significance of observations to biodiversity studies  (PPT | SWF)Steve Kelling
1420-1440 Towards Global Observation Networks: GBIF's plans for mobilizing primary biodiversity data  (PPT | SWF)Vishwas Chavan
1440-1500 New directions in observational data organization and federation: from EML to observational ontologies  (PPT | SWF)Mathew Jones
1500-1520 The issues with sensitive species: managing access, issues of data quality, and data ownership  (PPT | SWF)Arthur Chapman
1520-1530 Domain-centric observation networks: Experiences gained from the Avian Knowledge Network  (PPT | SWF)Denis Lepage
1530-1600 Coffee Function Centre
1600-1730 Session 20 - Wild Ideas!! Markus Döring and Tim Robertson Theatre
1600-1615 A Hadoop-Based Prototype for the Filtered-Push Project  (PPT | SWF)Zhimin Wang, Hui Dong, Maureen Kelly, James A. Macklin, Paul J. Morris and Morris A. Robert
1615-1630 Data Exchange Standards – The Case for Being Stupidly Simple  (PPT | SWF)Chuck Miller
1630-1645 3D for a demanding audience (General Processing Graphical Processing Unit GPGPU)  (PPT | SWF)Bart Meganck and Patricia Mergen
1645-1700 SpeciesIndex: A Practical Alternative to Fantasy Mashups?  (PPT | SWF)Roger Hyam
1700 Close Donald Hobern Theatre
25 October
Saturday 25 0900-1700 Australian Herbarium Information Systems Committee (HISCOM) - AGM (Private Meeting) Notre Dame University Education Centre room 36.117
Sunday 26 0900-1730 Swan Valley Tour Canceled due to low registrations Maritime Museum
Sunday 26th 4 nights - 5 days Southwest Wildflowers An amazing area of endemism Esplanade Hotel
Monday 27th 0830 2 nights - 3 days Margaret River Wineries Canceled due to low registrations Esplanade Hotel
Anytime Day Trip Rottnest Island Cycle round a scenic island off Perth with unique flora and fauna Rottnest ferry terminal
Monday - Friday
POSTERS Chair Venue
0900-1730 Authors Title Gail Kampmeier and Arturo Ariño Function Centre
Wouter Addink, Peter Schalk ETI BioPortals: Customizable Common Access System to Distributed Heterogeneous Data Sources
Arturo H. Ariño, Javier Otegui Sampling Biodiversity Sampling
Elizabeth Arnaud, Michael Mackay, Sonia Dias, Rajesh Sood, Kiran Viparthi, Milko Skofic, Adriana Alercia, Tito Franco, Frederick Atieno, Xavier Scheldeman, Anzar Shamsie, Selim Louafi, Pete Cyr A Global Information System for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA)
Walter G. Berendsohn, Marie Gebhardt LifeWatch – e-Science and Technology Infrastructure for Biodiversity Research
Nicolas Bertrand, Herbert Schentz, Bert Van der Werf, Barbara Magagna, Johannes Peterseil and Sue Rennie Proof of Concept Study of the Socio-Ecological Research and Observation oNTOlogy (SERONTO) for Integrating Multiple Ecological Databases (PPT)
Bruno Danis The Register of Antarctic Marine Species: Towards a Comprehensive Inventory of the Southern Ocean Biodiversity
Bruno Danis SCAR-MarBIN: Free and Open Access to Antarctic Marine Biodiversity Data
Gabriele Droege, Holger Zetzsche, Anton Guentsch and Birgit Gemeinholzer The DNA Bank Network – How GBIF Technology Enables a New Generation of Communicating DNA Repositories
Christine Fournier Invasive Species Tools for Risk Assessment in the Americas: IABIN Invasive Information Network (I3N: PDF)
Hélène Fradin, Elise Kuntzelmann and Régine Vignes Lebbe Taxonomic Data Exchange Facilities for Descriptive Tools
Samy Gaiji, Éamonn O'Tuama, Vishwas Chavan, David Remsen A Blueprint of the GBIF Decentralisation Strategy
Andrew William Hill, Paul Flemons, Reed Beaman, Ajay Ranipeta, Philip Goldstein, Robert P Guralnick BioGeobif: Automated Georeferencing Using BioGeomancer
Jörg Holetschek How to Reduce Your Coffee Consumption – Performance Investigations on Large Occurrence Databases
Yde de Jong, Charles Hussey, Mark Costello, Thierry Bourgin, Anton Guentsch, Ward Appeltans, Walter Berendsohn A Pan-European Species-Directories Infrastructure (PESI)
Charles Kahindo, Franck Theeten, Patricia Mergen, Bart Meganck, Kim Jacobsen and Michel Louette CABIN : Implementing a Biodiversity Information Network in Central Africa (PDF)
Sangyong Kim, Dong-Gwang Jo Building and Management of the Korean Biodiversity Information System
Nina M. Laurenne, Markus Penttilä, Hannu Saarenmaa Using LSIDs to Link Taxonomic Concepts to Scientific Names for Efficient Data Integration
Barbara Magagna, Johannes Peterseil and Herbert Schentz The Collaborative Ontology Creation Process Within The ALTER-Net Community For the Socio-Ecological Research and Observation oNTOlogy (SERONTO)
Mark Mayfield, Carolyn Ferguson, Gregory Zolnerowich, David Allen, Harish Maringanti, Mike Haddock, Jenny Oleen Kansas State University's Biodiversity Information System: Combining Institutional Expertise to Enhance Access to Collections Information  (PDF)
Bart Meganck, Patricia Mergen, Franck Theeten and Pere Roca Ristol The Roots and Branches of the GeoPlatform Tree
Patricia Mergen, Hein Vanhee, Agnes Lacaille, Garin Cael and Michel Louette RDF Based Reference Network Architecture for a distributed Digital Library system, The Royal Museum for Central Africa’s use case on African Bird information (STERNA project)  (PDF)
Chuck Miller - A New Look
Ram Narang, Helmut Knuepffer Standardizing Mansfeld's World Database of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops by implementing a concept-based data model
Federico Ocampo, Mary Liz Jameson Unlocking Biodiversity Data: Semantic Cyberinfrastructure for Investigation and Discovery (SCID)
Éamonn Ó Tuama, Vishwas Chavan, Samy Gaiji, Tim Robertson GBIF's Global Biodiversity Resources Discovery System
Éamonn Ó Tuama, Vishwas Chavan, Samy Gaiji, Alberto Gonzalez-Talaván, Nicholas King, Tim Robertson The GBIF Work Programme 2009-2010: From Prototype Towards Full Operation
Cynthia Parr The Encyclopedia of Life: Status Report on Species Pages, Contributions, and Curators
David Remsen The Global Names Architecture: An Integrated and Federated Approach to Enabling Discovery and Access to Biodiversity Information.
Ben Richardson, Alex Chapman Ten Years of FloraBase
Pere Roca Ristol, Pablo Sastre, Jorge Lobo, Franck Theeten, Bart Meganck, Patricia Mergen EDIT mapViewer: a Gegraphic Web Application for Taxonomists
David E. Schindel, Cynthia Parr e-Biosphere 09: International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics
Rosemary Shrestha, Jeffrey Detraas, Thomas Metz, Martin Senger, Graham McLaren, Elizabeth Arnaud, Tom Hazekamp, Adriana Alercia, Guy Davenport, Reinhard Simon, Jayashree Balaji and Richard Bruskiewich Development of the Generation Change Program Domain Models and Ontology Management Embedded in the GCP Platform
Annie Simpson and Elizabeth Sellers Data Models To Share Invasive Species Information Through The Global Invasive Species Information Network (PDF)
Visotheary Ung, Régine Vignes-Lebbe Xper²: An Open Tool To Manage Descriptive Data
Dave Watts The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Database of Terrestrial and Limnetic data
Qin Wei, Chris Freeland, P. Bryan Heidorn An Evaluation of Taxonomic Name Recognition (TNR) in the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Aaron Wilton, Kevin Richards, Jerry Cooper and Christina Flann The Global Compositae Checklist – Integration of Nomenclature and Taxonomic Concepts from Multiple Data Sources
0900-1730 Authors Title Time Gail Kampmeier and Arturo Ariño Function Centre
Karl-Heinz Steinke, Robert Dzido, Martin Gehrke, Klaus Prätel Feature Recognition Mechanism for Herbarium Specimens (Herbar-Digital) Monday 1015-1045
Michael Giddens SilverCollection: A Standardized Web Portal for Biological Collections Monday 1015-1045
Tony Rees IRMNG – The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera Monday 1515-1545
Gail E. Kampmeier Mandala 8: A Database System that Can Start Out Small and End Up Big (PPT)Monday 1515-1545
Giri Palanisamy, Vivian Hutchison, Mike Frame NBII Clearinghouse (Mercury)-Distributed Metadata Management, Data Discovery and Access System Tuesday 1030-1100
Tony Rees Using AquaMaps for biodiversity assessment, including a prototype MPA (Marine Protected Area) network design tool Tuesday 1030-1100
Eija Lehmuskallio, Arja Kaasinen, Mauri Åhlberg NatureGate: An Online Service to Promote Education for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Tuesday 1530-1600
Anna Weitzman, Chris Lyal INOTAXA Implemented - a Digital Future for Taxonomic Literature Tuesday 1530-1600
Patricia Kelbert, Niels Hoffmann, Jörg Holetschek, Anton Güntsch and Walter G. Berendsohn The new EDIT Specimen and Observation Explorer for Taxonomists Wednesday 1030-1100
Andreas Kohlbecker, Andreas Müller and Niels Hoffman EDIT Data Portal – A Flexible Publishing Tool for Biodiversity Information Wednesday 1030-1100
Pepe Ciardelli, Andreas Müller, Anton Guentsch and Walter Berendsohn Introducing the EDIT Desktop Taxonomic Editor Wednesday 1530-1600
Hannu Saarenmaa, Miruna Badescu, Alex Morega Open Access Data Policy and Tools for its Implementation at the Finnish Museum of Natural History Wednesday 1530-1600



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