18-Feb-2009 02:10 Age: 9 yrs

TAPIR and Darwin Core Submitted to the Standards Track

By: Lee Belbin

TAPIR and Darwin Core have recently been submitted to the TDWG Standards Track for review. Gail Kampmeier has agreed to be the Review Manager for Darwin Core and Piers Higgs will be the Review Manager for TAPIR.

Please support Gail and Piers as they manage the review process. [They were both overloaded before they very kindly took on this role.]  You may be called on to review one of the submissions or to provide advice at some stage in the process (see http://www.tdwg.org/about-tdwg/process/).  

The TDWG Executive Committee congratulates and thanks Renato, John, their Task Groups and many supporters for the wonderful work they have all done over the last few years.

Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

  Last Modified: 18 February 2009