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STERNA Technology Watch Report

By: Lee Belbin

STERNA (Semantic Web-based Thematic European Reference Network Application) is the contribution of twelve European natural history museums and other institutions that collect and hold content on biodiversity, wildlife and nature. STERNA contributes to the objectives of the European Digital Library (EDL).The project addresses the many small cultural heritage institutions and content providers that want to actively participate and contribute to the EDL initiative. Information on birds is used for the test User scenarios.

If successful, the STERNA approach will lower the bar for institutions, both within and outside the natural history community, to contribute to Europeana and similar initiatives. The European Digital Library initiative can best be considered as a portal to the riches of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage. The perspective is to provide a visual bridge between natural history and cultural (ethnographic) domains.

In December 2008, the project has released the following report:

STERNA Technology Watch Report. Full Report. STERNA Del.6.5, 10 December 2008. Author: Guntram Geser, Salzburg Research. (161 pages).

This report aims to provide STERNA and other projects related to the European Digital Library (EDL) initiative with a radar that identifies state-of-the-art approaches to the integration of heterogeneous digital collections based on Semantic Web standards (RDF, SKOS, OWL). The topics of this comprehensive report is of particular interest to TDWG. The report has already been widely distributed, resulting in comments and suggestions to add additional examples of Semantic Web applications. We would like to continue these fruitful discussions on Semantic Web usages and the Sterna report on the TDWG Wiki. All comments will be reported back to the author and if relevant included in a next version of the document. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

The STERNA project is supported and partly funded by the eContentplus program of the European Commission.


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