Spotlighting at Karakamia - Date to be confirmed

Please note that this tour is now full. Ask at the Registration Desk in case of cancellations.

Australia has the world record in small mammal extinctions, largely resulting from the introduction of the rabbit and fox. Western Australia has fared marginally better than some other areas – a number of species that have become extinct in eastern Australia are merely endangered in WA. These include the numbat, woylie burrowing bettong and Gilbert’s potoroo

Karakamia is a private reserve in the Darling Range near Perth, owned and operated by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Surrounded by a predator-proof fence, it contains one of the largest and most important populations of woylies, tammar wallabies and bandicoots in Western Australia. An evening spotlight is the best way to see these nocturnal wildlife – and population densities are so high that sightings at close range can be guaranteed.

We will travel by bus on one or two evenings during the week of the conference. A picnic barbecue dinner will be provided, along with a dinner talk on the animal biodiversity of Western Australia.

If you have little or no previous experience with Australian wildlife (and evein if you have), this trip is not to be missed!

Cost: $32 inclusive

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