Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range Western Australia (photo by Gnangarra)

Western Australia is ~2.6 million square kilometers (1 million square miles) and ranges from monsoon tropics in the north, temperate (Mediterannean) southwest to arid deserts. We have  picked the highlights of the southwest and further afield for those who wish to see this region. For those interested in ecology, a brief but excellent article on the Biological Diversity of Southwest Australia is recommended reading.

Excursions will be offered that will probably begin on Saturday October 26.  Most of the planned excursions will be organized and run with 3rd parties. We will be requesting indications of your choice of excursion so that  options can be finalised.

Possible excursions include:

  1. Swan Valley Tour (a trip around the Perth area to sample gardens, wine, chocoldate, beer and more).
  2. Margaret River Wineries (an exceptional wine region by world standards)
  3. Rottnest Island  (swim, surf, relax or bike, meet the quokkas and enjoy the scenery)
  4. Western Australia’s Wonderful Wildflowers - Southwest flora, fauna and landscapes - one of the world's biodiversity hotspots)
  5. Spotlighting Night (Australia's fauna are mainly nocturnal). Tour full - ask at Registration about cancellations.

For those of you making a serious trip to explore this corner of the planet and have more time, have a look at the LANDSCOPE Expeditions for 2008, run by the Dept of Environment and Conservation and the University of Western Australia.

Please contact Alex Chapman for further information.

  Last Modified: 22 September 2008