TDWG 2007 Themes

The overall theme of the Conference is:

Integrating Biodiversity Data

General Sessions:

  • Client perspectives (Taxonomists, GBIF, EoL, BHL, GISIN, etc.)
    • User Needs
    • Examples of TDWG Standards in use
  • Enabling technologies
    • Introduction to Key Technologies
    • Ontologies and vocabularies
    • Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs)
    • Protocols
  • Integrating TDWG data Standards
    • Species Profile Model
    • Literature Model
    • Spatial Model
    • Descriptive Model

The Theme of the Symposium (Thursday/Friday) is:

Discovery, Integration and Use of Biodiversity Data

  • Integrating biodiversity data
  • Application of TDWG Standards
  • Communication, education and outreach
  • Building Biodiversity data content
  • Evolving and emerging standards

TDWG Subgroups

The Meeting will also include presentation of the work of TDWG Interest Groups and Task Groups, with working sessions during the week as required. For details of current Interest and Task Groups please visit the main TDWG web site.

  Last Modified: 11 June 2007