TDWG 2007 Schedule

Latest Version: Wednesday 12th September 1257 UTC (ar), corrected Thu 20th September 0912 UTC (ar).

Whilst reasonable effort will be made to keep to this published schedule please be aware that TDWG meetings are responsive and that some rearrangement before or even during the meeting is likely.

Session content and timing is subject to change. Schedule changes will be posted at the Registration Desk as soon as they are known. Please check frequently for the latest information.

All delegates are welcome at all sessions except the TDWG Executive Meeting.

Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) 2007 Conference

Overall Theme: Integrating Biodiversity Data
16 Sep
Chair Venue
09:00-17:00 Executive Committee meeting (closed meeting)   Hotel 16
09:00-17:00 Group meetings as required, including:  
12:00-14:00 Invasive Species Annie Simpson Faculty of Natural Science, Comenius University
14:00-17:00 Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Roger Hyam Faculty of Natural Science, Comenius University
14:30-17:00 Literature Group Anna Weitzman Faculty of Natural Science, Comenius University
19:00 Welcome Reception   Botel "Fairway" - on the bank of the Danube River -
17 Sep
09:00-10:30 Welcome by Chair, Convener's introductions to groups Walter Berendsohn SÚZA main
09:00-09:10 Welcome Walter Berendsohn
09:10-09:20 Housekeeping and Logistics Adrian Rissone
09:20-09:25 TDWG Infrastructure Project Lee Belbin
09:25-09:30 TNC Interest Group Jessie Kennedy (presented by Roger Hyam)
09:30-09:35 TAG Interest Group Roger Hyam
09:35-09:40 TAPIR Task Group Renato De Giovanni
09:40-09:45 Invasive Species Information Systems (ISIS) Interest Group Annie Simpson
09:45-09:50 Observations and Specimens Interest Group Steve Kelling
09:50-09:55 Literature Interest Group Anna Weitzman
09:55-10:00 NCD Interest Group Neil Thomson
10:00-10:05 Geospatial Interest Group Reed Beaman
10:05-10:15 Consortium for the Barcode of Life Donald Hobern
10:15-10:20 ILTER Katharina Schleidt
10:20-10:25 Descriptive Data (SDD) Gregor Hagedorn
10:30-11:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
11:00-12:30 Client's perspectives: User needs Adrian Rissone SÚZA main
11:00-11:20 EDIT needs Biodiversity Information Standards (Towards a European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy Walter G. Berendsohn, Markus Döring, Malte C. Ebach
11:20-11:35 Biodiversity Heritage Library: Progress & Potential Chris Freeland
11:35-11:50 One million species in the Catalogue of Life – a triumph for Species 2000 and ITIS, or for TDWG standards? Frank Bisby
11:50-12:05 User Needs - The alpha and omega of system design Charles Copp
12:05-12:20 Exploring the Brave New World of eTaxonomy Chuck Miller
12:20-12:30 Session Summary Adrian Rissone
12:30-14:00 Lunch   SÚZA Vestibule
14:00-15:30 Client's perspectives: - examples of TDWG standards in use Annie Simpson SÚZA main
14:00-14:15 TDWG standards in use within the Global Biodiversity Information Network (GBIF) Data Portal Tim Robertson
14:15-14:30 Assessing the Threat of Invasive Species in South America: an ensemble modeling approach in support of data standards, integration, and dissemination M Fernández, W Tejeda, G Duran, A Rico, C Arias, M Quintanilla, B Pareja, J C Chive, M Rivera & H Hamilton
14:30-15:45 Results of a Needs Assessment Survey of the Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN) Annie Simpson, Jim Graham, Michael Browne, Hannu Saarenmaa, Elizabeth Sellers
15:45-15:00 When Taxonomies Meet Observations: An Examination of Taxonomic Concepts Used by the Observation Systems eBird and the Avian Knowledge Network Paul Edward Allen
15:00-15:15 Taxonomists at Work: Relationships of Process and Data Anna Weitzman & Chris Lyal
15:15-15:30 Questions/Summary All
15:30-16:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
16:00-17:30 Needed technologies: High-level introduction and demo of key enabling technologies Lee Belbin SÚZA main
16:00-16:20 TDWG standards architecture - what and why Roger Hyam
16:20-16:40 Life Science Identifiers Ricardo Pereira
16:40-17:00 Nala: A Semantic Data Capture Extension for Mozilla Firefox Ben Szekely, Ricardo Pereira
17:00-17:20 Key Enabling Technologies: Transfer Protocols Donald Hobern
17:20-17:30 Discussion  
19:00- Wine tasting (tickets in advance)   SÚZA Vestibule
18 Sep
09:00-10:30 Ontologies and vocabularies: Atomizing biodiversity information Roger Hyam SÚZA main
09:05-09:25 The Role of Ontologies in the TDWG Architecture Roger Hyam
09:25-09:45 Integrating TDWG standards with EDIT’s Common Data Model Markus Döring, Andreas Müller, Ben Clark & Marc Geoffroy
09:45-10:05 ALTER-Net: A Data Ontology for LTER Observations and Measurements Katharina Schleidt
10:05-10:25 An ontological approach to describing and synthesizing ecological data, using a generalized model for “scientific observations” Mark Schildhauer, Matthew Jones, Joshua Madin & Shawn Bowers
10:25-10:30 Session summary Roger Hyam?
10:30-11:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
11:00-12:30 LSIDs: Gluing it together to meet users' needs Ricardo Pereira SÚZA main
11:05-11:20 LSIDs for Taxon Names: The ZooBank Experience Richard Pyle
11:20-11:35 LSID and TCS deployment in the Catalogue of Life Richard John White, Andrew C Jones & Ewen R Orme
11:35-11:50 An LSID authority for specimens and an LSID browsing client Kevin Richards
11:50-12:05 LSID policy and implementation in Australia Greg Whitbread, Alex R. Chapman & Ben Richardson
12:05-12:20 LSID Mashup Daniel Miranker
12:20-12:30 Session summary and questions Ricardo Pereira & audience
12:30-14:00 Lunch & Business Meeting   SÚZA Vestibule/SÚZA small
14:00-15:30 Protocols: Unifying the data, wrapping it up, and sending it back Donald Hobern SÚZA main
14:00-14:20 TapirLink: Facilitating the transition to TAPIR Renato De Giovanni
14:20-14:35 RDF over TAPIR Roger Hyam
14:35-14:55 TAPIR networks in Australia’s Virtual Herbarium and the Atlas of Living Australia Greg Whitbread, Shunde Zhang & Paul Coddington
14:55-15:10 Checklist Provider Tool: a GBIF Application for Sharing Taxonomic Checklists Using TAPIR and TCS Wouter Addink & Jorrit van Hertum
15:10-15:30 Shibboleth, a potential security framework for the TDWG architecture Lutz Suhrbier & Andreas Kohlbecker
15:30-16:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
16:00-18:00 Group meetings: a block of time for interest and task or joint group meetings (TBA by Conveners), including:
16:00-18:00 Combined SPM and SDD session Éamonn & Gregor SÚZA (room to be announced)
16:00-18:00 Observation and Specimen Records Interest Group Steve Kelling SÚZA (room to be announced)
16:00-18:00 GIG Interest Group and via Intenet with the OGC EONRE WG Reed Beaman SÚZA (room to be announced)
19:30-21:30 Task group: "Structured descriptions and RDF" Gregor Hagedorn SÚZA (room to be announced)
20:30-23:15 Live Teaching Session (Private): University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bryan Heidorn SÚZA (room to be announced)
19 Sep
09:00-10:30 Species Profile Model: a model for describing species in "species pages" Éamonn O Tuama SÚZA main
09:00-09:20 Main aspects of the Species Profile Model and the TDWG architecture Andreas Kohlbecker, Markus Döring & Andreas Müller
09:20-09:40 Species Profile Model: Data integration lessons from GBIF Donald Hobern
09:40-10:00 SPM from an SDD perspective: Generality and extensibility Gregor Hagedorn
10:0-10:20 Coming to Terms with SPM Bob Morris
10:20-10:30 Discussion  
10:30-11:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
11:00-12:30 Literature model Anna Weitzman SÚZA main
11:00-11:05 Introduction Anna Weitzman
11:05-11:20 Linking Bibliographic Data to Library Content Julius Welby
11:20-11:35 Use cases from taxonomists, conservationists, and others Cynthia Sims Parr & Christopher Lyal
11:35-11:50 Progress in making literature easily accessible: schemas and marking up Terry Catapano & Anna Weitzman
11:50-12:05 Literature & interoperability: a working example using Ants Donat Agosti, Terry Catapano & Guido Sautter
12:05-12:20 Taxonomic Literature: What Next? Anna Weitzman & Christopher Lyal
12:20-12:30 Questions & Discussion All Participants
12:30-14:00 Lunch   SÚZA Vestibule
14:00-15:30 Geospatial integration with the TDWG model Reed Beaman SÚZA main
14:00-14:15 Species distribution modelling and phylogenetics Stephen Smith
14:15-14:30 Lifemapper: Using and Creating Geospatial Data and Open Source Tools for the Biological Community Aimee Stewart, C.J. Grady, James Beach
14:30-14:45 A pilot project for biodiversity and climate change interoperability in the GEOSS framework Stefano Nativi, Paolo Mazzetti, Lorenzo Bigagli, Valerio Angelini, Enrico Boldrini, Éamonn Ó Tuama, Hannu Saarenmaa, Jeremy Kerr & Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa
14:45-15:00 Advances at the OGC, and Opportunities for Harmonization with TDWG Standards and Models Phillip "Flip" Dibner
15:00-15:15 The BiogeoSDI workshop: Demonstrating the use of TDWG and OGC standards together Javier de la Torre, Tim Sutton, Bart Meganck, Dave Vieglais, Aimee Stewart, Peter Brewer & Renato de Giovanni
15:15-15:30 Questions and discussion Reed Beaman
15:30-16:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
16:00-17:30 Descriptive model for analysis, identification, description markup, and taxon pages Gregor Hagedorn SÚZA main
16:00-16:15 From Xper to Xper2: Twenty years of taxonomic applications with descriptive and identification tools Régine Vignes Lebbe & Guillaume Dubus
16:15-16:30 GrassBase - integrating structured descriptions, taxonomy and content management Kehan Harman
16:30-16:45 Mechanisms for coordination and delivery of taxon profiles in Australia Alex Chapman
16:45-17:00 Automatic extraction of character information from botanical text Xiaoya Tang & P Bryan Heidorn
17:00-16:15 Capturing structured data to facilitate web revisions Dave Roberts, Julius Welby & Markus Döring
17:15-17:30 General discussion: Needs and actions (new task groups?) All
19:00- Banquet (tickets in advance)     Restaurant "Leberfinger"
20 Sep
09:00-10:30 Integration of Biodiversity data Walter Berendsohn SÚZA main
09:00-10:00 Keynote Address: Removing Taxonomic Impediments: How the Encyclopedia of Life and Biodiversity Heritage Library projects can help Graham Higley (NHM)
10:00-10:30 Data Integration Issues in Biodiversity Research Jessie Kennedy, Shawn Bowers, Matthew Jones, Josh Madin, Robert Peet, Deana Pennington, Mark Schildhauer & Aimee Stewart
10:30-11:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
11:00-12:30 Integrating biodiversity data Jessie Kennedy & Renato De Giovanni SÚZA main
11:00-11:15 Using TAPIR as an asynchronous caching protocol Aaron Steele
11:15-11:30 How to handle duplication in large datasets and import scenarios Andreas Müller, Markus Döring, Walter G. Berendsohn
11:30-11:45 ALIS's adventures in the Wonderland Samy Gaiji, Sonia Dias
11:45-12:00 Illustrating Relationships among Images, Specimens, Taxa, Ontologies and Character Matrices in the Morphbank Image Repository Greg Riccardi, Austin Mast, Fredrik Ronquist, Neelima Jammingumpula, Katja Seltmann, Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska, Steve Winters, Deborah Paul, Andrew Deans
12:00-12:15 A Pollinators Thematic Network for the Americas Michael Ruggiero, Antonio Saraiva
12:15-12:30 Applying a Wiki system in the integration of biodiversity databases in Taiwan Burke Chih-jen Ko, Kun-Chi Lai, Jack Lin, Han Lee, Hsin-Hua Lin, Ching-I Peng & Kwang-Tsao Shao
12:30-14:00 Lunch   SÚZA Vestibule
14:00-15:30 Applications of TDWG standards - 1 Stinger Guala SÚZA main
14:00-14:30 Scaling up The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) James A Macklin, Paul J Morris
14:30-14:45 What have George Bush, John Howard and TDWG have in Common? Paul Flemons, Michael Elliott, Lynda Kelly & Lee Belbin
14:45-15:00 Developing an Observational Data Model to Facilitate Data Interoperability Steve Kelling

Moving to Fully Distributed, Interoperable Repositories for Biodiversity

Greg Riccardi, Austin Mast, Fredrik Ronquist, Katja Seltmann, Neelima Jammingumpula, Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska, Steve Winner, Deborah Paul & Andrew Deans
15:15-15:30 Building the German DNA bank network using TDWG standards Gabriele Dröge, Jörg Holetschek
15:30-16:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
16:00-17:30 Applications of TDWG standards - 2 Stan Blum SÚZA main
16:00-16:15 Development of a TAPIR-based protocol for the GISIN Jim Graham, Thomas J Stohlgren, Greg Newman, Catherine Jarnevich, Alicia W Crall
16:15-16:30 Marking and Exploring Taxonomic Concept Data Paul Craig, Martin Graham and Jessie Kennedy
16:30-16:45 From National Plant Checklist to Chinese Virtual Herbarium (CVH) Keping Ma, Haining Qin, and Lisong Wang
16:45-17:00 The Central African Biodiversity Information Network (CABIN), a contribution to the Sub-Saharan African Biodiversity Information Network (SABIN) Patricia Mergen, Charles Kahindo Muzusa-Ngabo, Michel Louette, Franck Theeten, Bart Meganck
17:00-17:15 The potential key role for promoting the use of Biodiversity Information Standards by a consortium of research institutions in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Central Africa Charles Kahindo, Dudu Akaibe, Upoki Agenong’a, Ulyel Ali-Pato, Patricia Mergen, Michel Louette, Erik Verheyen, Jérôme Degreef
17:15-17:30 An anthropology extension to the ABCDEFG schema Charles Copp
Time to be announced Oldtimer City Train (and optional dinner)   Meeting place to be announced 
21 Sep
09:00-10:30 Communication, education and outreach Neil Thomson SÚZA main
09:00-09:15 TDWG Communication Lee Belbin
09:15-09:30 EDIT Scratchpads as a vehicle for community building and outreach Dave Roberts, Vince Smith and Simon Rycroft
09:30-09:45 KeyToNature: a European project for teaching biodiversity Pier Luigi Nimis & Stefano Martellos
09:45-10:00 Using new technologies for education P. Bryan Heidorn
10:00-10:15 Communications tools Lutz Suhrbier
10:15-10:30 Mapping biodiversity specimen data: opportunities for collaboration Gail Kampmeier and John Pickering
10:30-11:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
11:00-12:30 Building biodiversity data content Adrian Rissone SÚZA main
11:00-11:15 Integrating the catalogue of Mexican biota: different approaches for different client perspectives Diana Hernandez, Susana Ocegueda, Patricia Koleff, Sofia Escoto & Rocio Montiel
11:15-11:30 Moving Targets: Integrating semistructured data Pepe Ciardelli & Marc Geoffroy
11:30-11:45 Global Compositae Checklist: Integrating, Editing and Tracking Multiple Datasets Christina Flann, Aaron Wilton, Kevin Richards & Jerry Cooper
11:45-12:00 The changing role of publishing biodiversity data for Northern Ireland on the internet Fiona Maitland
12:00-12:15 The role of networks in a cyberinfrastructure Zack Murrell and Derick Poindexter
12:15-12:30 Discussion  
12:30-14:00 Lunch   SÚZA Vestibule
14:00-15:30 Where to from here: Evolving prior and emerging standards Richard Pyle SÚZA main
14:00-14:20 New Standards from Old: Reconciling HISPID with ABCD Peter Neish, Greg Whitbread & Ben Richardson
14:20-14:40 Biodiversity Portals: Implications for TDWG Donald Hobern
14:40-15:00 Building an index of all genera: A test case in interchange David Remsen & David Patterson
15:00-15:20 Catalog of Fishes 2.0: improving user services and preparing for community participation Stan Blum & Richard Pyle
15:20-15:30 Summary of upcoming challenges Anna Weitzman & Chris Lyal
15:30-16:00 Coffee   SÚZA Vestibule
16:00-17:30 Report from Conveners and closing remarks Walter Berendsohn SÚZA main
17:30 Close of formal conference   SÚZA main
22 Sep
Chair Venue
09:00-17:30 Group meetings as required, including:  
09:00-13:00 Structured Descriptive Data - SDD Gregor Hagedorn SÚZA (room to be announced)
10:00-13:00 Geospatial Interest Group - GIG Read Beaman SÚZA (room to be announced)


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