TDWG 2007 - Conference Venue

The Conference Venue - SÚZA

Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. For information on the country and its origins look here: The country is in the east-centre of Europe, bordered by Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Ukraine. The nearest large international airport is Vienna Scwechat (VIE), in Austria, about 40 minutes drive away (depending on the border crossing between Austria and Slovakia).

The Conference Venue is to the north-west of the city centre at 48.156341 degrees N, 17.083771 degrees E. If you have Google Earth you can download and run this KML file: TDWG2007-SUZA.kml

The SÚZA is a purpose-built conference centre, recently completely refurbished. It is situated in Bratislava, north-west of the city centre, within about 30 minutes walk, the same by trolley bus, 10 minutes by taxi.


The centre has a web site containing a lot of useful information:

Key features are:

  • One large auditorium (300 seats) and one smaller (70 seats)
  • Several small meeting rooms (we will be using two)
  • A large vestibule, suitable for informal meetings and social events
  • A restaurant and bar
  • A limited number of inexpensive, but comfortable, hotel rooms with en suite shower

We will be installing wireless networking in the vestibule area and the rear of the large auditorium.




  Last Modified: 13 June 2007