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Welcome to the new Alcoa Frog Watch! This "webbed" site is your portal to information on southwest, Kimberlely and arid zone frog species, conservation of WA frogs, education programmes, news and links to other sites around Australia.

Our mission at Alcoa Frog Watch is twofold. First, research on WA frogs is a major priority for Museum staff. There is still much to be learned from our WA frogs, and the Department of Terrestrial Vertebrates (frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals) works with CALM, universities, the Perth Zoo and other collaborators to carry out research on the evolution, ecology and conservation of WA frogs. New species are still being described in WA, and many more species remain to be discovered.

Our second mission is to educate people on all aspects of WA frogs - the kinds of species in different regions, their habitats, behaviours, threats to their survival. We have several programmes where people have an opportunity to learn about frogs. Talks by our expert froggers at the Museum's Discovery Centre cater to school and community groups and provide the best introduction to frogs. Our display of live frogs complement the demonstrations at the Museum. A series of "Building Frog-friendly Gardens" workshops will be conducted around the Perth and regional areas in winter and spring. See the upcoming schedule for upcoming events. Once you've built a frog pond in your back yard, it's possible to obtain tadpoles from your neighbour through our tadpole exchange programme. We're pleased to make available Dale Roberts's recordings of amazing southwest frog calls - always popular with Alcoa Frog Watchers!

Enjoy learning about WA frogs with this website, and don't forget to join the e-mail list and use the resources page to leap in to the world of frogs.
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