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Australian Plant Census

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Project Description
The Australian Plant Census (APC) provides a list of currently accepted names for the Australian vascular flora, both native and introduced, but DOES NOT provide full details of their usage in the taxonomic literature. For comprehensive bibliographic information, see the Australian Plant Name Index database (APNI) or click through to APNI from hyperlinks on the APC output.
Brendan Lepschi & Anna Monro
Project Coordinator
Australian National Herbarium
Project Type
Data Provider
Project Language
Project Start Date
Key Inputs
Information from a range of people and organisations;
Key Infrastructure
Web site
Key Technologies
HTML, unknown database
Key Processes
"Consensus census" project; a range of activities occur to reach the "census"
Geographic Scope
National - Australia
Taxonomic Scope
Kingdom - Plantae
Record Status
Information about this project is Complete.
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  Last Modified: 02 June 2007