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Australian Plant Image Index

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Project Description
The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) has for many years been building up a collection of photographs and illustrations of Australia's native plants.

Originally these were photos taken on field collecting trips to supplement the herbarium specimens and data associated with the living plants. In recent years many other photographers have contributed to the Index.

We are now embarking on an active plan to encourage people to contribute reliably identified photographs to the Index.

Our aim is to have a good quality coloured slide of every Australian native plant represented in the Australian Plant Image Index.
The Photograph Curator
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Project Type
Data Provider
Project Language
Key Inputs
Photographs from the public and ANBG staff
Key Infrastructure
Key Technologies
Digital images on the web site
Key Processes
Archived slides, scanned images
Geographic Scope
National - Australia
Taxonomic Scope
Kingdom - Plantae
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Information about this project is Complete.
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  Last Modified: 02 June 2007