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Atlas of Living Australia

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Project Description
The Atlas of Living Australia is a five-year project funded by the Australian Government to “develop an authoritative, freely accessible, distributed and federated biodiversity data management system that links Australia’s biological knowledge with its scientific reference collections and other custodians of biological information”.

The project aims:

* To integrate data on specimens held by Australia’s natural history collections and data from field observations of living organisms
* To support the management and integration of biological data from all areas of research (molecular to ecological)
* To develop search interfaces and web services to facilitate discovery of biological information resources and to support the use of biological data in scientific research, policy-making and education
* To ensure that data relating to Australian organisms is well-managed and organised to meet future information requirements.
Donald Hobern
CSIRO Entomology
Project Type
Data Aggregator
Project Language
Project Start Date
Project End Date
Key Inputs
Collection databases, DNA sequences, images, identification keys and species information from Australian natural history collections and herbaria.

Taxonomic databases including Australian Faunal Directory, Australian Plant Names Index and Australian Plant Census.

Phenomics data from the Australian Phenomics Network and the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility.
Key Infrastructure
To be developed:

Metadata Repository
Species occurrence index
Taxonomic index
Species overview pages
GIS services
Annotation services
Web sites for specific user groups
Key Technologies
TDWG data standards (especially RDF vocabularies)
Key Processes
Metadata management
Development of secondary discovery services
Geographic Scope
National - Australia
Taxonomic Scope
Life - All
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