Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

Project Project Type
Invasive Species
Invasive Species
Invasive Species Forecasting System
Invasive Species in Canada
Invasive Species Monitoring Resources
Invasive Species of Concern in Maryland
Invasive Species of the Central Southwest/Gulf Coast Region
Invasive Species: Animals
Invasive Species: Plants
Inventory of Canadian Agricultural Weeds
Kew Herbarium Catalogue
Key To Nature
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity
Latvian Alien Species Database
LIAS – A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes
Life and Earth Sciences Social Network
Lithuanian Invasive Species Database
Lower Brachycera Digitization Project
Lumonet - Finnish Clearing-House Mechanism of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Macaranga and Mallotus species of Borneo
Malacolog version 4: a database of Western Atlantic Marine Mollusca
Mammal Networked Information System
Mammal Species of the World
Marin Pertuis
Marine Alien Species of Estonia
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning EU Network of Excellence
Marine Life of the Dampier Archipelago
Marine Species Identification Portal
Mediterranean Region Invasive Plants
Melastomataceae.Net - A Site with Information on the Biodiversity of Melastomataceae
Metadata National Catalogue
Mid-Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem Project
Mikkos Phylogeny Archive
Millenium Ecosystem Assesment
Millipedes of Australia
Minnesota Weed Seedling Photo Collection
Missouri Weeds
Montana Integrated Pest Management Center
Mosquito Barcode Initiative
Moths of Canada
Moure's Bee Catalogue
Namibia Biodiversity Database
Nationaal Herbarium Nederland Online Collection
National Agricultural Library Catalog
National Alien and Invasive Species Database
National Ballast Information Clearinghouse
National Biodiversity Network
National Biodiversity Network Species Dictionary
National Biological Information Infrastructure
National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of the Biodiversity
National Ecological Meta Database
National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System
National Institute of Invasive Species Science
National Introduced Marine Pests Information System
National Invasive Species Information Center
National Marine and Estuarine Invasions Database
National Wetlands Inventory
Native Gardening and Invasive Plants Guide
Natural Geography in Shore Areas
Naturalis - Extinct Birds
Nature Navigator
NatureServe Explorer
NaviKey – a Java applet and application for accessing descriptive data coded in DELTA format
NBII Digital Image Library
Nearctic Spider Database
Nederlands Soortenregister (Dutch Species Catalogue)
Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility
Neuropterida Species of the World
New Jersey Weed Gallery
New Zealand Weeds Database
Nomenclator Zoologicus
Non-Native Ants database
Non-Native Mammals of the U.S. and Canada
Non-native marine species in British waters: a review and directory
Non-Native Plants of Alaska
Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database
Nonindigenous Species Database Network
Nonnative Plant Images
North American Non-Indigenous Arthropod Database
North European and Baltic Network on Invasive Alien Species (NOBANIS) Database
Northern Ontario Plant Database
Nova Scotia Noxious Weeds
Noxious & Nuisance Plant Management Information System
Noxious Weed Lists and Monitor List
Ocean Biogeographic Information System
Oceanic Seamounts: An Integrated Study
Olericulture - Vegetable Cultivation and Production
Online Guide to the Birds of Perth
Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums

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