Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

Project Project Type
100th Meridian Boater Survey Database Data Provider
18 Common Invasive Plants in New York State Data Aggregator
2001 Systematic Catalog of Culicidae Data Aggregator
399 Invasive Plants & Weeds in Canada & the U.S. (NBII-ISIN) Data Provider
A Checklist of Mosses Data Provider
A Pan-European Species-directories Infrastructure (PESI) Data Standards
Acacia Biodiversity Database Management System Data Standards
Acacia Generic Conceptual Schema for Taxonomic Databases Data Standards
Agriculture Network Information Center Data Indexer
Alaska Exotic Plants Information Clearinghouse Data Provider
Alaska Natural Heritage Program Facilitator
Alcoa Frog Watch Data Provider
AlgaeBase Data Aggregator
Alien Invader Plants in South Africa Data Provider
Alien Invasive Species in China Data Provider
Alien Invasive Species of Pakistan Data Provider
Alien Plants in Ireland Data Provider
Alien Plants in Korea Data Provider
Alien Species in Hawaii Facilitator
Alien Species in Poland Data Provider
Alien Species in Swedish Seas and Archipelago Areas Data Provider
All Birds Barcoding Initiative Data Provider
All Catfish Species Home Data Aggregator
All Leps Barcode of Life Data Provider
All Species Foundation Facilitator
Aluka Data Indexer
Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative's National Atlas for Amphibian Distributions Data Aggregator
Amphibian Species of the World Data Aggregator
Amphibiatree Facilitator
Amphibiaweb Data Aggregator
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Regulated Pest List Data Provider
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Regulated Pest List Data Aggregator
Animal Diversity Web Data Aggregator
AnnonBase Data Provider
Annotated Checklist of Cultivated Plants of Hawai'i Data Provider
Antbase Data Aggregator
Antweb Data Aggregator
Apple Snails Data Provider
Aquatic Invasions Research Directory Facilitator
Aquatic Non-Native Species in the Gulf of Mexico Region Data Provider
Aquatic Nuisance Species Data Provider
Aquatic Nuisance Species Program Data Provider
Aquatic Plant Fact Sheets Data Provider
Aquatic Plant Information System Online Data Provider
Aquatic Plant Management Species Guide Data Provider
Aquatic, Wetland & Invasive Plant Information Retrieval System Data Provider
Arctic Ocean Diversity Data Provider
Arctos Data Provider
ARKive - Images of Life on Earth Data Provider
Asia-Pacific Alien Species Database Data Aggregator
Asian Longhorned Beetle Data Provider
Assessing LArge-scale Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods Data Provider
Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean Data Aggregator
Atlas of Living Australia Data Aggregator
Atlas of the Flora of the Southeastern United States Data Aggregator
Atrium Biodiversity Information System Facilitator
Atta biodiversity information system Data Aggregator
Australian Biological Resources Study Facilitator
Australian Faunal Directory Data Provider
Australian Government Agriculture Portal Data Indexer
Australian National Herbarium Specimen Information Register Data Aggregator
Australian Plant Census Data Provider
Australian Plant Common Name Database Data Provider
Australian Plant Image Index Data Provider
Australian Plant Name Index Data Provider
Australian Spatial Data Directory Data Indexer
Australias Virtual Herbarium Data Indexer
Automatic Biodiversity Literature Enhancement Facilitator
Avian Knowledge Network Data Aggregator
Avibase – the world bird database Data Provider
AVIS-IBIS - An Avian Information System - Indian BioDiversity Information System Data Aggregator
Azorean Biodiversity Portal Data Provider
Bacteriology Insight Orienting System Data Provider
Baltic Sea Alien Species Database Data Provider
Barcode of Life Facilitator
Barcode of Life Data Systems Data Aggregator
Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World Data Aggregator
Bat Conservation International Facilitator
Bat Conservation Trust Facilitator
Bay Area Wetland Tracker Data Aggregator
Bee Genera of the World Data Provider
Bermuda Biodiversity Database Data Aggregator
Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Data Aggregator
Bibliography of Non-Native Aquatic Species in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Regions Data Aggregator
Bibliography on Caulerpa taxifolia in the Mediterranean Data Provider
Big Book of Brachiopods Data Provider Facilitator
Bio-Integral Resource Center Facilitator
Biochange Facilitator
BioCorder Data Aggregator
Biocrawler Data Provider
bioDISCOVERY Facilitator
Biodiversity & Biological Collections Data Indexer
Biodiversity & Global Change Data Provider
Biodiversity Heritage Library Data Provider
Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum Facilitator
Biodiversity Resources Development Project for Costa Rica Data Aggregator
BioFresh Data Aggregator
Biogeco Facilitator
BioGeobif Data Standards

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