Biodiversity Information Networks Database

Name Last Accessed Date
American Association of Museums Oct-2008
ARKive - British organizations Sep-2007
ARKive - Global organizations Sep-2007
Association of Zoos & Aquariums Nov-2007
Australasian Herbarium Information Systems Committee Feb-2009
Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria Oct-2007
Best of the Web Apr-2007
BG-Base - user list Nov-2009
Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation Sep-2013
Biodiversity Information System of Colombia (SiB) Apr-2014
Biodiversity Organizations, Professional Societies, Centers, & Associations Jul-2007
BiologyBrowser Aug-2007
Botanique Oct-2007
Botany Organizations Jul-2007
Canadensys Feb-2009
CBOL partners Jun-2007
Conservation Commons Dec-2007
Conservation Directory May-2007
DataONE -- Data Observation Network for Earth Aug-2018
Directory of Australian Botanic Gardens & Arboreta Oct-2007
EnviroLink Apr-2007
European Community Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism May-2007
Fishnet 2 Partners Oct-2007
Forest Conservation Links Jul-2007
Forestry Education Resources Mar-2011
GBIF Data Providers Jun-2007
GIVD - Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases
Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN) Sep-2013
Google Directory Aug-2007
HerpNET participants Sep-2007
Iberoamerican Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information May-2013
Index Herbariorum Apr-2007
India Biodiversity Portal Apr-2012
Insect and Spider collections of the World Sep-2007
International Zoo Educators Association Aug-2007
Internet Directory for Botany Sep-2007
Intute - Natural History Nov-2007
IrisBG user community Aug-2013
IUCN - see Wold Conservation Union
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity Aug-2018
Marine Biology Institutes Oct-2007
National Biodiversity Network Nov-2007
National Federation of Biological Recorders Sep-2007
National Science Collections Alliance Oct-2008
Natural History Museums & Collections Nov-2007
Nature Societies Online Apr-2007
NatureGate Apr-2009
NBII Partners Jan-2012
OBIS Providers, Partners and Sponsors Apr-2007
Oceanography organizations Jul-2007
Open Directory Project Aug-2007
Semantic Annotation of Taxonomic Descriptions Dec-2007
Society for Range Management Sep-2007
SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections Nov-2009
Species Profile and Threats Database (SPRAT) Oct-2008
SWED - Semantic Web Environmental Directory May-2007
Tela Botanica
The Western Ghats Portal Apr-2012
UNEP-WCMC Environment organizations links Nov-2007
United Nations - Oceanographic NGOs Nov-2007
United States Virtual Herbarium Sep-2011
Wikipedia - Botanical Gardens Sep-2007
Wikipedia - Botanical Gardens in the USA Sep-2007
Wikipedia - Environmental organizations May-2007
World Conservation Union Nov-2007
Zoos in Europa Nov-2007

  Last Modified: 10 December 2007