31-Jul-2007 23:38 Age: 11 yrs

TNC Interest Group Charter Now Approved

By: Lee Belbin

The Charter for the Taxonomic Names and Concepts (TNC) Interest Group has just been approved by the TDWG Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee recognizes that this interest group is core to TDWG's mandate: To develop effective standards for sharing biodiversity/natural history data. We look forward to the establishment of task groups to further the development of its work, particularly the Taxonomic Concept Schema.

The TNC group will also be central to advancing the deployment of the TDWG standards architecture and particularly with Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs).

Please contact Jessie Kennedy if you would like to be involved in this important work. Participation is very welcome.

We wish the group well.

  Last Modified: 01 August 2007