Review an Abstract for the Proceedings of TDWG

The Editor will normally notify you by email from the Open Journal Systems (OJS) that you have been identified as a suitable reviewer of an abstract. You can use the link near the bottom of the email (Submission URL) to go directly to the abstract and review process. You can also enter the Proceedings manually at any point and review the abstract. When you log in, OJS will know what abstracts have been assigned to you. You do not need to complete a review in one session.

OJS is role oriented. If you have been assigned as a Reviewer, OJS will tailor the system to that role.

The steps involved-

  • Go to the home page of the Proceedings link.
  • Login to OJS with your credentials
  • If you used the submission URL, you will be taken to the abstracts that you have been assigned. You may manually log in and navigate to the "Proceedings of TDWG" header select "Reviewer" as your role - you should then see a list of abstracts assigned to you.
  • Click on the TITLE of the abstract you want to review. This should list the the Submission to be Reviewed, Review Schedule and 5 Review Steps. Note: Follow each review step as the system will not permit shortcuts.

  • Step 1. Select one of the green envelopes next to “Response     Will do the review Mail     or       Unable to do the review Mail”. A window titled ‘Send Email’ will be displayed with the email address of the Editor or Section Editor filled in and the body of the email filled in. You can edit this email or just press the SEND button at the bottom of the page. Note: Please use the OJS mail system for ALL communications to the Editor or in fact others associated with the process. The reason for this is that all mail transmissions are logged and stored. This makes it easy for all concerned to track the process.
  • Step 2. The submission manuscript (abstract) will be displayed beside Step 2. Click on the file name to either display or download the abstract. It is usually a good idea to save a copy of the file and use Word’s Track Changes to suggest edits to the abstract. The Editor will usually be responsible for final edits, but suggestions for the Author and Editor are always appreciated. Note: the are guidelines for a Blind Review just below the file upload box in Step 4.
  •  Step 3. Write the review. You can write your review directly into OJS using a separate window that will be displayed once you click on the green page icon next to Review. You can also write your review externally to OJS in a word processor or text editor. If you do the latter, click on the green button next to review and paste in your review to the relevant recipient. OJS allows for separate comments to the Author and Editor, and to the Editor alone. Keep the review as brief as you wish. While the Proceedings requests a Reviewer at the time of abstract submission, the Editor may select a reviewer of their choice. The Author will not normally know the name of the Reviewer through OJS.

  • Step 4. If you have marked up the abstract in any way, you must upload it in step 4. Use the Browse button to navigate on your local system to the location of the updated file. OJS will keep its own filenames so it does not matter what the file is called. Press the Upload button. OJS will upload the file and provide it with a unique name relating to the submission ID.

  • Step 5. Select a recommendation from the pick list available and then press the Submit Review to Editor Button. OJS will ask for confirmation because this decision will be logged and cannot be changed later.

  • That's it!
  Last Modified: 28 August 2007